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Cancel semi-luxury bus service

The Lanka Private Bus Owners’ Association (LPBOA) insisted the semi luxury bus service should be cancelled.

Ceylontoday, 2012-12-19 01:42:00
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Cancel semi-luxury bus service

By Umesh Moramudali

The Lanka Private Bus Owners’ Association (LPBOA) insisted the semi luxury bus service should be cancelled.

Addressing the media yesterday, LPBOA President Gamunu Wijeratne said the National Transport Commission (NTC) needs to take steps to cancel the semi-luxury bus services, as it is an ineffective service.

“Even though the semi luxury buses charge 150% more than the normal bus fare, many passengers are standing in those buses. According to the rules and the regulations, semi luxury buses cannot take more passengers than the seat limit and those buses are not allowed to take short distance passengers. Most semi-luxury bus operators violate these rules and regulations,” he pointed out.

He accused the NTC of not taking actions against those bus operators and charged the NTC Chairman should be responsible for the deteriorating conditions in the service. He alleged, if the NTC does not cancel the semi-luxury bus services, the LPBOA will take legal action against them.

He also claimed the national policy on bus fare needed to be amended before the annual bus fare revision in February 2013.

Wijeratne pointed out that as a result of some amendments introduced to the national policy in 2009, bus owners faces an injustice at the bus fare revision.

“According to the amendments made in 2009, annual bus fare increment needs to be adjusted according to the interest rates of the Treasury Bills. However, interest rates of Treasury Bills are low. Therefore, bus fares needs to change in accordance with the normal bank interest rates,” he said.

He pointed out the NTC has the responsibilities of making these amendments and they have informed the NTC officials regarding this matter. (Ceylon Today Online)

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