Delimitation report to be gazetted today

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Published by : CT WEB 2017-02-17 10:10:02

BY Amanda Guyes

The Report of the Delimitation Appeals Committee will be gazetted today (17), Minister of Provincial Councils and Local Government Faiszer Musthapha said.

He made the announcement at a media briefing in Colombo yesterday (16).

Musthapha said, Election Commissioner has helped him immensely when dealing with corrections and various administrative issues.

"I don't want any political party to hinder democracy, and I want justice to be done by every national in Sri Lanka," he added.

At a previous occasion, he had refused to accept the Delimitation Committee Report as it was not signed by some committee members.

The Ministry of the Local Government had appointed a five-member committee on December 1, 2015 to look into discrepancies regarding demarcation and other shortcomings of the report submitted by the National Delimitation Committee (NDC).

The NDC was entrusted to carryout demarcation related activities after reviewing the appeals made with regards to the delimitation discrepancies.

However, Musthapha accused the former Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapakse for several shortcomings pertaining to the delimitation report.

He further said that due to the faults of Rajapaksa, he had to face criticisms and blame, despite the fact that he was doing his utmost to submit the report at the earliest, and to conduct local government elections as soon as possible.




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