Hungry cats ring bells for treats

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Published by : CT WEB 2017-04-06 17:35:08

Two hungry cats gorged themselves on snacks by ringing a pair of call bells to have their owner produce treats.

A Japanase Twitter user shared video of the two well-trained cats as they sat side by side and repeatedly used their paws to ring the shiny, metallic bells in order to receive a treat on the plates placed before them.

The cats tapped their paws on the button to produce a ringing sound and quickly devoured the treats placed in front of them.

The cat on the left side of the screen struggled to get a hold of his second treat and then proceeded to abandon his own bell and began ringing his neighbor's.

Other videos on the Twitter user's page showed the pair of dexterous cats attempting to pluck some guitar strings together and sliding wooden pieces off of a game board.




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