Doughnuts that glow in the dark

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Published by : CT WEB 2017-06-08 14:49:27

In our semi-regular sessions of eating puddings while sitting in the dark, binge-watching Netflix, we have all too often awoken the next morning to find ourselves covered in all matter of crumbs and stains.

It's not our fault, to be clear. Eating food in the dark is tough. It's hard to make sure you get something in your mouth when you can't see it.

No wonder we manage to spill chocolate on the bed or drop tortilla chips down our bras.

The obvious answer would be to turn on the light. But that sounds like a lot of effort, so we'll just get excited about this new, exciting, alternative option: glow in the dark food.

Black Star Pastry in Sydney, Australia, is now serving up doughnuts that glow in the dark.

The glownut, as it's called, is a classic doughnut topped with yuzu icing packed with vitamin B, which gives the doughnuts their glow.

It may look radioactive, but the bakery's founder, Christopher Té, has reassured everyone that the doughnuts have been made with no artificial dyes or additives. The glowing effect is just down to vitamin B.

'We thought it would be fun to see people with glow-in-the-dark icing all over their hands and faces, so doughnuts were the natural choice,' Christopher told Daily Mail Australia.

'We would never create anything that was unnatural, even if it was a great idea,' he said.'BlackStar is all about great techniques and real cooking, we never add dyes or additives to any of our products. We strictly adhered to this principle in order to make the glow-in-the-dark donut happen.'




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