Picketing against AGM of FFSL today

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Published by : CT WEB 2017-06-12 09:58:25

By Karuppiah Ramakrishnan

CT Sports: Veteran national football players, including Sunil Senaweera, are planning to conduct a picketing campaign today at the Ministry of Sports with regard to the Annual General Meeting of the Football Federation of Sri Lanka (FFSL).

Replying to a query from Ceylon Today, Sunil Senaweera said, "We as national players, hope to team up to build a better future for Sri Lanka football because we heard former President Ranjith Rodrigo produced false documents to the Ministry at the time of submitting his nomination.

"Former President of Football Federation of Sri Lanka, Ranjith Rodrigo is not interested in developing football in Sri Lanka. He is only interested in gaining important positions in AFC and FIFA. We want people who played for the country and are true lovers of Sri Lanka football but not greedy for positions.

"We helped Ranjith Rodrigo become President in 2013. When he came to power he said not to think about the past but the present and take football forward. As time went by we realized what we did was a mistake; a grave mistake," Senaweera added.

The regime of former President Ranjith Rodrigo can be classified as the worst period for Sri Lanka Football where no proper development took place. He always blamed the committee prior to 2013 saying they were corrupt, but did not take any action to substantiate any of the allegations.

Former President Ranjith Rodrigo said, "Everyone is alleging that I never played football, but I have played with Sunil Senaweera as well as Anura de Silva in Malaysia."

"We have submitted all legal documents in a proper manner and 75 per cent of the clubs in the league are with me and if anyone has an issue they should come forward and compete with me directly at the election."



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