Man lures ants to traps with promise of 'sexy ant dancers'

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Published by : CT WEB 2017-06-12 17:46:55

A New York man who found his kitchen ant traps ineffective is instead catching laughs online thanks to some signs he made to entice the insects.

Pat Tobin, @tastefactory on Twitter, tweeted photos Tuesday of the signs he made to enhance the ineffective ant traps he bought to curb the infestation in his kitchen.

"The ants won't go in the poison traps so I made some modifications to lure them in," Tobin wrote.

The signs feature promises of ant-centered goods and services, including "sexy ant dancers;" a "Blockbuster Video for ants" that's "going out of business" and offering "cheap DVDs and blu-rays;" an "organic market" with "fresh local produce" and a "reading center for ants."

"Learn to read!" the last sign states. "Maybe visit this place before you go to the other places."

Tobin said in a follow-up tweet that one apparently literate ant was drawn in by the promise of "sexy ant dancers."

"OK, we have a customer," he wrote.




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