Acrobat Erendira Wallenda hangs by teeth from helicopter above Niagara Falls

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Published by : CT WEB 2017-06-16 13:45:29

Aerialist Erendira Wallenda performed a series of acrobatic acts while hanging by her teeth and toes from a helicopter hundreds of feet above the Niagara Falls.

Wallenda bit into a customized mouthpiece on a hoop fastened to the bottom of a helicopter that hovered above the falls on Thursday.

During the approximately 20-minute flight she used her teeth to grip on to the mouth piece for 10 seconds on her first attempt and then again for five seconds.

"That's where I feel alive," Wallenda told the CBC. "This is what I was meant to do. You just get lost in the moment."

Wallenda performed the daring stunt on the fifth anniversary of the day her husband and fellow acrobat Nik Wallenda walked across a high wire from the American side of the Falls to the Canadian side.

"She's a ballerina in the air," he said.

After returning to solid ground Wallenda said her teeth were not in pain and she was thankful her husband was there to watch from the helicopter as she dealt with the elements high above the falls.

"It's comforting to look up and see my husband," she said. "It was a lot more windy than I expected it to be. I put my mind back to my backyard where I train all the time."




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