Couple buy & convert ‘No.51’ bus To a ‘luxury’ motor-home

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Published by : CT WEB 2017-07-03 17:16:42

A couple spent six years and £10,000 converting their local bus into a motor-home after falling in love with it on eBay.

Tom Grantham, 29, and his partner Kayley Barnes, 30, spent £1,200 on the 1993 number 51 bus when they were shopping for a motor home.

Instead of purchasing a fancy top of the range home on wheels, the couple decided to pay for the run-down vehicle after finding out it had been travelling from Grimsby to Louth past their family home – every day.

After spending thousands of pounds, the couple completely refitted the Stagecoach single decker.

And we will admit, we're slightly jealous.

Tom, who works as a horse dentist, said: 'Kayley and I were looking for a motor home and saw the bus and thought why not.

'It has been perfect for family holidays.'

Today, the vehicle is fully fitted with three double beds, an oven, a gas log fire, a toilet and even a shower.

It took Tom nine months to make the bus roadworthy while Kayley designed the interior.

But they decided to keep some of the original features like the dashboard and signs.

The pair and their three children, aged eight, seven and three, then used the 1993 bus to travel to festivals as well as family holidays to France and Belgium.

They have now put the bus on eBay at £8,000 and the auction ends on Monday. So far, it has hit bids of up to £11,800.

Tom added: 'The kids are gutted that we are selling the bus but it's time for a new challenge.' 




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