The Bavarian - Galle Face

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Text and Pics by Chanaka de Silva

The Bavarian, the very name conjures images of reveling roasted meats and beer. It is also just the place to do just that. The Bavarian having been around for quite some time only looks like it needs more space to serve its' customers, who seem to be pouring in every evening.

The rustic interior transports one to the very atmosphere that would be in a Bavarian pub. Though in a confined space you never get the impression of being in a crowded place. The ambiance of the place in one of relaxation and comfort. With the city and suburbs boasting of several Bavarian eateries, this is certainly one of the better ones around.

The success of the place is in the food and the food is in the hands of the chef. Lal Kodituwakku the Chef is the drive behind these wonderful roasts and dishes it puts out. Speaking to Lal I learnt that for almost thirty years he has had an exquisite experience in a wide variety of cooking disciplines. Having cut his teeth under a German Chef now Lal is second to none when it comes to the quality and authenticity of his fare. The proof is the number of customers who come in their throngs to savor his food.

Of the dishes tried that day was the 'Mixed Grill' of course stole the show. The dish of Grilled seer and Mashed potatoes with peppers and lime was not far behind either. The Seer was grilled just right so that the peppers and lime only enhanced the taste. The texture was just right not too soft and none too crispy either.

The Mixed grill was brought on a wooden platter. Reminiscent of the 'Sizzling Platter' of the now long closed Galaxy Hotel. The grill had all the meats in ample proportion. Chicken, Beef Steak, Pork Chop, Bacon , Beef Sausage, Lamb Chop, Fried Egg, Tomato , Pineapple, French Fries and Salad was food fit for a king. Each item was done to perfection. However I would say that the a more spicier Sausage would have complimented the ensemble more.

It would not be right, not to mention the service of this restaurant. Though packed wall to wall the staff was always courteous. I could only imagine the kitchen as there was no long wait for ones order. And there seem to be no shortage of custom either.
The desserts were Apple Crumble with Ice Cream and Snicker Mousse- Chocolate Mousse, Butterscotch caramel, Roasted Nuts covered in Chocolate Ganache, are the perfect end to a perfect meal. To those who really want to enjoy their meats , the Bavarian a Galle Face , is the place to go. The proof is in the Grill , so to speak.




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