Creations at the ‘Culinary Art’ Hotel Show 2017

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Published by : CT WEB 2017-07-28 17:58:45

Text and Pics by Chanaka de Silva

The 12  edition of the Hotel Show organized by the Ceylon Hotel School Graduates Association, held at the BMICH showcased some of the best creations ever to come out at a completion.  The event will be held from the 28th July to 30th July at the same venue.

The 'Culinary Art Food Expo' is one of the biggest culinary exhibitions in Asia, recognized by the Chefs' Guild of Lanka affiliated to the World Association of Chefs' Societies (WACS), which has a membership of a 110 countries.

These rising stars of the food industry will be put to the test during three-days of intensive competition. It would result in an opportunity for professional young chefs to compete for 34 coveted trophies. Individuals and teams representing hotels and resorts will go head-to-head each day, creating a mouthwatering menu of internationally-themed dishes including plated appetizers, five course set dinner menu, petit fours/pralines, pastry and chocolate showpiece, hot and cold finger food for the judges. In addition, wedding cake structures, butter sculpture, bread dough showpieces will also be featured in the competition. The food presentations will be assessed by 31 respected judges from the World Association of Chefs' Societies, who will collaborate to appoint the winners. Participants will enjoy four- days of business opportunities, networking and knowledge- sharing.



‘Culinary-Art’-Hotel-Show-Colombo27.jpg (600×1067)

‘Culinary-Art’-Hotel-Show-Colombo26.jpg (600×1067)

‘Culinary-Art’-Hotel-Show-Colombo25.jpg (600×1067)

‘Culinary-Art’-Hotel-Show-Colombo24.jpg (600×1067)

 ‘Culinary-Art’-Hotel-Show-Colombo23.jpg (600×1067)

‘Culinary-Art’-Hotel-Show-Colombo20.jpg (600×1067)

‘Culinary-Art’-Hotel-Show-Colombo19.jpg (600×1067)

‘Culinary-Art’-Hotel-Show-Colombo18.jpg (600×1067)

 ‘Culinary-Art’-Hotel-Show-Colombo17.jpg (600×1067)

‘Culinary-Art’-Hotel-Show-Colombo02.jpg (600×338)

‘Culinary-Art’-Hotel-Show-Colombo03.jpg (600×1067)

‘Culinary-Art’-Hotel-Show-Colombo04.jpg (600×1067)

‘Culinary-Art’-Hotel-Show-Colombo05.jpg (600×1067)

‘Culinary-Art’-Hotel-Show-Colombo06.jpg (600×338)

‘Culinary-Art’-Hotel-Show-Colombo07.jpg (600×1067)

‘Culinary-Art’-Hotel-Show-Colombo08.jpg (600×1067)

‘Culinary-Art’-Hotel-Show-Colombo09.jpg (600×338)

‘Culinary-Art’-Hotel-Show-Colombo10.jpg (600×1067)

‘Culinary-Art’-Hotel-Show-Colombo11.jpg (600×338)

‘Culinary-Art’-Hotel-Show-Colombo12.jpg (600×1067)

‘Culinary-Art’-Hotel-Show-Colombo13.jpg (600×1067)

‘Culinary-Art’-Hotel-Show-Colombo14.jpg (600×1067)

‘Culinary-Art’-Hotel-Show-Colombo16.jpg (600×1067)

‘Culinary-Art’-Hotel-Show-Colombo21.jpg (600×1067)

‘Culinary-Art’-Hotel-Show-Colombo22.jpg (600×860)



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