Train operator baffles its customers by randomly leaving creepy doll on seats

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Published by : CT WEB 2017-08-03 16:32:34

A train operator has gone to creepy lengths to make sure passengers don't clip their toenails or block train doors during their commute.

The firm posted photos online of a "possessed" doll called Annabelle riding a train to scare customers into behaving themselves.

It said that the scary-looking figure, from a new horror film, will haunt them "forever" if they display bad manners and fail to respect fellow passengers.

The doll was wearing a white dress with a red bow and decorative rose, and had its hair in pigtails when it was pictured on a seat and perched atop a ticket barrier.

In fact it was the latest effort by RapidKL, a public transit operator in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to discourage inconsiderate behaviour.

The firm wrote on Facebook: "Dear valued customers, lately we've been receiving surprise visits from Annabelle. Mind your manners while you're on our trains or....she will haunt you FOREVER."




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