Dry rations for drought affected in A’pura District

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Published by : CT WEB 2017-08-19 11:37:02

The program to distribute dry rations to people affected by the drought in Anuradhapura District is being conducted successfully.

The District Secretary of Anuradhapura R.M. Wanninayaka said that though there were some issues, they have given the necessary instructions to the officials to continue with the program.

To obtain this relief, working in the designated places is essential. Upto now there are 1,013 working places all over the district. The dry rations are distributed through the Cooperatives and the Sathosa outlets.

The total number of affected families in Anuradhapura District is 264,344. Of them 157,503 families are provided dry rations.

There are 60,005 two-member families and 97,498 families, who have over three members. The government has planned to provide the dry rations for one month during the first stage and already funds for the first two weeks have been received.




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