Drinking water scarce in drought hit Kilinochchi

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Published by : CT WEB 2017-08-24 12:02:51

People in the Kilinochchi District are finding it difficult to obtain drinking water due to the drought in the region.

The prolonged drought has also affected a large number of trees, including mango, jack and orange.

There is a huge demand for drinking water especially in the Ponnagar, Malayalapuram, Konavil, Unionkulam areas that come under the Karaichi Divisional Secretariat.

Water scarcity continues to prevail even though drinking water is provided to affected areas by the Disaster Management Centre.

People complain that they have to face various challenges to obtain drinking water.

The newly resettled families of Konavil and Unionkulam have planted coconut for their livelihood; however the prevailing drought weather condition has damaged those crops.



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