Lonely monkey adopts baby chicken at Israeli zoo

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Published by : CT WEB 2017-08-29 14:05:24

A 4-year-old monkey who failed to find love at an Israeli zoo has found another source of affection -- adopting a chicken that wandered into her enclosure.

The Ramat Gan Safari Park said zookeepers were initially worried when they saw the macaque monkey, Niv, holding a baby chicken that wandered into her enclosure at the park.

The keepers said they removed the bird from the enclosure, but it wandered back on its own two days later.

Niv has taken to carrying the chicken in her arms and is frequently seen hugging and grooming her adopted chicken as if it were her child, workers said. The chicken accompanies Niv into the monkey's sleeping enclosure each night and emerges with her in the morning.

They said the chicken has the ability and frequent opportunities to leave the enclosure, but willingly stays with Niv and will run to her for comfort and protection when it is frightened.

Zookeepers said Niv has reached the age of sexual maturity, but has not found a partner among her fellow monkeys.





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