NOC in disarray as IOC intervenes NOC forced to further delay holding the AGM

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Published by : CT WEB 2017-11-23 12:31:48

By Sirinama Rajapaksa

Informed sources said following the decision taken by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that further amendments should be included in the constitution recently adopted by the National Olympic Committee (NOC), efforts made to hold the NOC AGM on 9 January 2018 could be further delayed.

After the new constitution of the NOC was ratified on 9 November, it was sent for approval to the IOC and the latter had informed the former in writing on 21 November that three clauses in the new constitution have to be amended at all cost.

Sources said the IOC had specifically objected to the number of Vice Presidents in the NOC, the registration of new sporting clubs and the precise number of members of the NOC AGM election committee.

Sources stated that the IOC had advised the NOC to reduce the number of Vice Presidents from six to four and to give membership to each of the seven clubs that have sought membership with the NOC.

The IOC also has informed the NOC to increase the AGM election committee membership from two to three.

However, during the meeting held by the NOC on 9 November, the NOC had acted to reduce the number of Vice Presidents from six to four while the majority in the NOC Council had objected to granting membership to the seven clubs.On that day the NOC Council had also approved to appoint only two members to the AGM election committee.

All of these events had contributed now to the NOC being forced to further delay holding the AGM as originally intended on 9 January 2018.



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