New Year gift from Army Releases road and 133 acres

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Published by : CT WEB 2018-01-02 10:04:00

By Shashi Kumar – Mullaitivu and Sheshala Amarasinghe - Omanthai

The Mullaitivu Security Forces Headquarters (HQ) yesterday (01) took steps to release the Mullaitivu- Pudukuduirippu-Wattapalai Main Road, which had been closed for public use for eight years due to security reasons.

Under the instructions of the Army Commander, the guidance of Commandant of the Mullaitivu - Security Forces HQ, Major General D. B. Rajaguru, the Army released 133.34 acres of land in the area along with the a two kilometre stretch of road to the civilians, with the view of uplifting the life of the residents and enhancing reconciliation among different ethnic groups. The stretch of road was previously closed owing to demining activities.



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