Do not politicize our grievances - Relatives of missing persons

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Published by : CT WEB 2018-01-03 10:10:44

The association of families of missing persons from the North and East has made a fervent appeal to political parties in the two provinces not to politicize their grievances at the Local Government (LG) election campaigns.

Chairperson of the association Yogarasa Kanagaranjani in a statement made to the press pointed out specifically that all political parties contesting at the forthcoming LG polls need to refrain from using this issue on the campaign trail.

According to Kanagaranjani, though eight years have passed since the separatist war came to an end in 2009, there hasn't been a satisfactory solution to their grievances.

"We are even disappointed over our representatives elected to the political bodies. They were expected to address our problem in a meaningful manner. But nothing happened. We have been agitating for the past 315 days, staging demonstrations all over the Northern and Eastern Provinces to highlight our problem.

We have been deserted by everybody," she said. She also said the President and Prime Minister must give due importance to their problem and Tamil leadership must pressurize the government to expedite the process to find justice for them at least this year.

Commenting on using their plight for election campaigns, Kanagaranjini said as the missing persons issue remains an important humanitarian affair, political parties in the North and East used it in their campaign extensively at the previous election in the two provinces. "We don't want that to happen again. Political parties who are unable to find justice should not use our plight for their campaign and we will not accept it," the chairperson said.



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