Curious young deer joins Texas teens for baseball practice

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Published by : CT WEB 2018-01-29 16:02:30

A group of teens practicing for baseball tryouts were joined by a curious young deer that took a liking to the boys and attempted to join in the fun.

The video, filmed earlier this month in Spring, shows a group of teenagers practicing for their upcoming high school baseball tryouts.

The fawn appears to have a particular liking for one boy and chews playfully on his clothes.

"My son was practicing on a baseball field with some friends, preparing for a high school tryout," the filmer wrote. "When the boys started, a deer walked over to where they were and started trying to play with them. It stayed the entire time. The boys and the deer had a lot of fun, and the boys had a lot of laughs. When practice ended the boys left and the deer appeared to wander back towards the woods."





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