UNP, SLFP and the Flower Bud all have deals

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By Anuradha Herath

Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) politburo member K. D. Lalkantha says that our country is one of the most corrupt in the world. "If people vote for the UNP, SLFP and the Flower Bud this time too, Sri Lanka will become the most corrupt country in the world."

Is Lalkantha disillusioned with the JVP...?

A: We are the JVP. We will not get disillusioned with ourselves, ever. So, there is nothing to be said about these naive thoughts made up by those who are politically impoverished and are upset.

However, we heard that on two critical instances, you were about to leave the Party.

A: People who are politically aware know that Lalkantha is not disillusioned with the JVP. I address about 10 rallies daily from JVP political platforms and if someone says that I am disillusioned with the JVP, that person's head has to be examined. We are working with great interest and pleasure with the people to ensure a JVP victory.

At one time it was said that Lalkantha was going to join Mahinda. He did not go! People said Lalkantha was connected to the UNP.

There was nothing like that either. They said that Lalkantha will abandon and leave. He did not do so either. It was said that there was internal conflict and there was nothing of the sort. We are the Party and the Party is us. We will never be disillusioned of our own things. If at a time, when the people of the entire country is pleased with us, if I am feeling disillusioned then my head too should be examined! I have no such feeling.

The JVP is going round the country seeking power in the villages. What have you done for the villages during your time as a Minister?

A: We controlled four ministries and the actual story is that we only got to start work in those ministries when we had to leave and go. That was because we wanted to save the country rather than engage in work at the ministries. Chandrika Kumaratunga and Mahinda Rajapaksa tried to set up an institution named the Post-Tsunami Operational Management Structure (PTOMS). If that was given at that time, LTTE would have got control over the money.

So we came out and did our duty by taking to the streets. Actually, we had just started our work and the people were pleased though we could not achieve much.

Are you saying that now, to cover up for your inability then?

A: The entire country is aware that we came forward.

However, people allege that the JVP is all noise and they can't achieve much. Given that, do you think people will give you power in the villages?

A: We are not asking for power in the villages. When people go and put the cross for the Bell, and the JVP member in their village wins, he will set up a village body; it will have the power to decide what has to be done or not, in the village. What actually happens here is by putting a cross for the JVP it is giving power to the village. The power that will be given to us will be assigned to someone for four years.

When the cross was put for the JVP in the Parliamentary Elections, the power was assigned to someone else for six years.However, this time when one votes for the Bell the power will come to the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna. The member will only be a representative.

It will be the village body that will decide what should be done and what should not be done.For the first time, people of Sri Lanka will receive the power to administer the village for four years; that is what is important here. That is why we are asking the people to put a cross for the Bell.

You are alleging that the SLFP, the UNP and the Flower Bud are in the same camp. If that is so and all three are in one camp, and if whatever that was done for the people it was they who did it, then won't the JVP lose what little chance they had?

A: The entire country is entwined in theft, fraud and corruption. Members steal when the village roads are being built. The official who is there to inspect the standard and quality of the road also steals. The contractor also steals. These three positions are the beginning of theft.

How will the JVP change that system?

A: First give us the power. Then we will show all these three, how development of the village is done without allowing corruption. There was only one thing that was given to us by the people of the country - that the only group against corruption is the JVP.

This time the UNP is slipping, so is the SLFP, and the Flower Bud. Only the JVP is coming up.

You seem to be highly confident ...?

A: If I am to say how confident I am, during discussions in villages, complete families from other political parties abandon them and attend rallies and meetings and discussions held by us and say how much they have been misled, and say that they will vote for us this time.

JVP had 39 seats but now it has dropped to just 6. Even if you shout on platforms about the people's admiration, is this not an indication of the displeasure of the people, towards the JVP.

A: The people now think that they have been foolish up to now, and reflect on not having brought us to power. People realized their mistake when we fell from 39 to six. It is that mistake that will be corrected by the people this time.

Do you recall how you repeated this story on every platform of every election that was held?

A: The people in our country act according to habit. However, there is something I have to mention. There is no talk on victory or defeat for the JVP. A win, as well as a defeat is for the people. It is only when people get a good shot to their brain, that they will change their habits. Now it has hit them in the brain, body, stomach and everywhere else. This is the very reason that they will change. The world will not remain in the same place every day; neither will politics remain in the same place. According to Buddhism, the world is subject to change; even in Marxism the world is subject to change. People too change. That is apparent to us. Instead of making a lot of predictions, let us wait and see what happens on the 11th.

Due to whatever opinion, people believe that the JVP is a 'Deal Party'. How do you view that?

A: Ranil Wickremesinghe does not have any files on us. Neither does Maithripala Sirisena. Even Mahinda Rajapaksa does not have files on us. However, Ranil's files are with Mahinda, Mahinda's files are with Ranil, Maithri's files are with Mahinda, Mahinda's files are with Maithri as well as with Ranil. All three factions have files. It is those people who have files that do deals and work. By putting deals with Ranil, Maithri or Mahinda, what will we gain? Especially from top class thieves!

However, we talk to them in Parliament, when we need to get Acts and Bills passed, to fulfil the requirements of the people. We do not like to speak with Ranil. However, we do talk with the Prime Minister!

Why is it not possible to remove that opinion from the minds of the people?

A: The people do not believe, and when you from the media ask these questions, it gets into the minds of the people too. When persons who are full of thefts, corruption and fraud say such things on stages, it goes into the heads of the people. You are the ones who are perpetuating those.

Then give me an answer to the view, that the previously independent and principled, JVP is now dilute.

A: Now, when there is nothing like that, and when you ask this question, people begin to think that something like that does exist. The JVP is the most organized Party. All other parties are diluted. They jump from here to there and there to here! We do not even have such people. We do not have diluted policies either. When you all and politicians make up things against us, problems that do not exist enter the heads of the people.

So, you think it's wrong for the media to publish what politicians are saying?

A: No. What politicians say is being spread through the media. When politicians are incorrect publishing such inaccuracies is also wrong. I, of course do not trust politicians in Sri Lanka. Nor do I trust the media. Neither, do I trust the State institutional mechanism in this country. If people accept us, we win. If they do not, then we lose. Our country is one of the most corrupt in the world. If people vote for the UNP, SLFP and the Flower Bud this time round as well, Sri Lanka will become the most corrupt country in the world. If you want that to happen, then you can vote for them.

Will the JVP who talks with such confidence gain power in at least two or three Pradeshiya Sabhas?

A: The JVP is a massive organization. Ask the people whether the JVP will win or not, rather than asking us. Ask them and tell us through a survey. Even if you ask us or anyone else, they will say they will win.

However, when you inquire from the general public about the JVP, the story that can be heard is that the JVP too has become a useless Party now.

(Laughs out loud!)

How many of the persons involved in the controversial Central Bank Bonds Scam, will fall to the President's sword?

A: We do not believe in what this President says. We do not believe in what the CID, the Judiciary, the Bribery or Corruption Commission, or the Attorney General says. The people of the country too do not believe. However, those institutions have a responsibility to create trust among the people. Apart from shouting about thefts, frauds and corruption, nothing else is being done by Maithri. There are some appalling thieves in Maithri's lap.

Today the people are of the understanding, that if the JVP and the media get together and intervene, it will be possible to get something done, even something small.





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