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Batman, Wonder Woman and More Come Together in the Epic New Justice League Trailer  👤2613

2017-03-26 12:05:57

The second full-length trailer for Justice League is officially here.

Netflix and Adam Sandler Are Releasing 4 More Feature Films  👤2143

2017-03-25 14:40:49

Netflix is doubling down on Adam Sandler. The streaming giant has extended its deal with the comedian for four more feature films.

Sony developing 'Spider-Man' spinoff featuring Black Cat, Silver Sable  👤2020

2017-03-24 17:37:03

Sony has announced plans to develop a Spider-Man spinoff film featuring female characters Black Cat and Silver Sable.

Watch Rupert Grint Mock His Lookalike Ed Sheeran in the Best Way Possible  👤1731

2017-03-23 15:48:26

It's been a running joke for years that singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran and actor Rupert Grint bear an uncanny resemblance. So while Sheeran dominates radio waves and Grint makes his acting comeback with TV series Snatch, the two are battling it out to be the public's favorite British ginger celebrity—especially because they get mixed up all the time.

Mariah Carey narrates animated 'All I Want for Christmas is You' movie  👤1530

2017-03-22 19:05:22

Production is now underway on the animated movie Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas is You.

Disney's live-action 'Mulan' won't be a musical  👤1904

2017-03-21 17:30:38

Disney's upcoming live-action adaptation of Mulan will not be a musical unlike its 1998 animated predecessor, director Niki Caro said.

Beauty and the Beast Enchants Box Office With Record-Breaking Debut  👤1255

2017-03-20 18:44:17

Disney's live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast had a fairy tale opening weekend — breaking numerous records and bringing in a beastly $170 million from U.S. audiences during its box-office debut.

Rock and roll legend Chuck Berry dies  👤1665

2017-03-19 09:14:26

Rock and roll legend Chuck Berry has died aged 90, police in the US state of Missouri report.

James Corden and the Beauty and the Beast Cast Go All Out With the Songs in the Middle of Traffic  👤1183

2017-03-17 18:59:49

Beauty and the Beast is all the rage right now, so of course James Corden decided the time was ripe to bring the movie to the streets—or rather, to a crosswalk in Los Angeles for an impromptu retelling of the tale as old as time.

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt Are Finally Starring in a Movie Together  👤1526

2017-03-16 14:44:21

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt will at last grace the same movie screen with the power of their combined presence. The couple, who married in 2010, will appear together in a thriller called A Quiet Place.

Ben Affleck Completes Rehab Treatment for Alcohol Addiction  👤1300

2017-03-15 15:33:19

Ben Affleck has completed treatment for alcohol addiction, the actor announced in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

Kong Is King of Weekend Box Office  👤1894

2017-03-14 12:17:16

It was a battle of the beasts at the box office this weekend, and King Kong emerged as the definitive victor over Wolverine.

Ed Sheeran Will Appear in Game of Thrones Season 7  👤1925

2017-03-13 18:06:34

Game of Thrones has cast another famous music artist in a guest star spot for the upcoming seventh season — and this could be their biggest name yet.

Here's How Kristen Stewart Felt About Coming Out on SNL  👤1299

2017-03-12 17:58:22

When Kristen Stewart hosted Saturday Night Live in February, she casually dropped an important line in her opening monologue addressing President Donald Trump. "I'm like, so gay, dude," she said offhandedly, and the audience roared.

Vin Diesel goes rogue in second 'Fate of the Furious' trailer  👤1716

2017-03-10 18:36:08

Vin Diesel turns his back on his family in the second trailer for Universal's next entry in the Fast and Furious series, The Fate of the Furious.

Jennifer Lopez Is Dating Former Baseball Star Alex Rodriguez  👤1740

2017-03-09 16:12:05

The "On the Floor" singer, 47, is dating former MLB star Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez, a source confirms to PEOPLE. "They have been dating for a few weeks," the source said.

Ed Sheeran Is Busy Putting Together the 'Credible' Boy Band of Your Dreams  👤1556

2017-03-08 16:51:18

The Jackson 5. New Kids on the Block. Boyz II Men. *NSYNC. The Backstreet Boys. One Direction. And now—drumroll, please—Ed Sheeran's boys.

Fantastical Beauty and the Beast Music Video Starring Ariana Grande and John Legend  👤1919

2017-03-07 16:46:16

Take a spin through the magical world of Beauty and the Beast before you even head to the movie theater with this Ariana Grande and John Legend music video.

'Logan' Claws Its Way Into $85.3 Million Opening Weekend  👤1371

2017-03-06 16:30:23

The R-rated "X-Men" spinoff "Logan" slashed into the weekend box office, opening with a massive $85.3 million in North American theaters, according to studio estimates Sunday, while best-picture winner "Moonlight" got a significant, if far from superhero-sized, Oscar bump.

Beauty and the Beast Director Says 'Exclusively Gay Moment' Was 'Overblown'  👤1437

2017-03-05 14:31:51

According to Bill Condon, too much has been made over Beauty and the Beast's "exclusively gay moment."



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