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Man chugs bottle of ketchup to set Guinness World Record  

2018-02-23 17:20:36

- An Indian man who holds several Guinness World Records has another title to his name after sucking down a bottle of ketchup in under 30 seconds.

Tiger snake with head stuck in beer can rescued in Australia  

2018-02-21 17:48:24

A reptile handler in Australia shared video of an unusual rescue involving a snake with its head stuck inside a beer can.

Michigan pizzeria breaks record for largest delivery pizza  

2018-02-16 17:07:27

A Michigan pizzeria aimed to break the Guinness World Record for largest delivery pizza by cooking up a 72-inch pie.

Taiwan's pedestrian crossing men get girlfriends  

2018-02-14 11:41:13

The little green and red traffic light men in southern Taiwan have got themselves girlfriends, just in time for Valentine's Day, it's reported.

Broken tank fills grocery store aisle with flopping fish  

2018-02-07 17:21:28

A shopper at a Georgian grocery store captured video of an aisle filled with flopping fish after an aquarium shattered.

Man has world-record 49 watermelons chopped on his stomach  

2018-02-06 14:47:32

A martial artist from India claimed a unique world record by allowing dozens of watermelons to be chopped on his stomach.

69-year-old becomes world's most tattooed woman  

2018-02-02 15:52:18

A 69-year-old Florida woman with nearly her entire body covered in tattoos was recognized as one of the world's most tattooed people.

World's tallest man, shortest woman visit Egypt's pyramids  

2018-01-30 16:14:22

Visitors to the Giza Pyramids in Egypt were treated to an extra spectacle -- an appearance by the world's tallest man and the world's shortest woman.

Curious young deer joins Texas teens for baseball practice  

2018-01-29 16:02:30

A group of teens practicing for baseball tryouts were joined by a curious young deer that took a liking to the boys and attempted to join in the fun.

Fishermen abandon ship before motorboat crash  

2018-01-22 17:21:03

An Oregon fisherman whose video camera recorded him and his comrades abandoning ship seconds before a crash with a motorboat is suing the other driver.

Alligators poke noses out from under ice to survive cold  

2018-01-10 17:23:42

A North Carolina rescue group posted a video showing the unusual way their their alligators survive in icy conditions.

Pranksters board trans sans pants for 2018 No Pants Subway Ride  

2018-01-09 18:06:54

Commuter trains in New York and around the world were filled with disrobed passengers for the 2018 No Pants Subway Ride.



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