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Effects company's hydraulic SUV drives over traffic  👤1598

2017-03-22 17:04:00

A special effects company created an SUV that uses hydraulics to rise several feet and drive over California traffic, but unfortunately, it's a one of a kind.

Canadian fined nearly $20,000 for lawn chair balloon flight  👤1860

2017-03-21 18:30:12

A Canadian man was fined nearly $20,000 by an Alberta court for using more than 100 helium balloons to take a lawn chair flight over Calgary.

Here are the Funniest Bloopers That Prove Doing the Snow News Is Truly the Hardest Job  👤1409

2017-03-20 16:34:15

While late spring blizzards feel like a universal joke played on the Northeast, a new blooper reel of news anchors wiping out in the snow may warm the cockles of your cold cold heart.

Child calls 911 for help with maths homework  👤2127

2017-03-19 17:49:26

This is the adorable moment a child called 911 for help with his maths homework - and got just that.

Coca-Cola Bulgaria builds mosaic out of 70,000 empty bottles  👤1613

2017-03-16 18:44:49

Coca-Cola Bulgaria set a new world record by organizing thousands of empty bottles into a massive mosaic.

'Sea sparkle' makes Australian beach glow  👤1737

2017-03-15 19:42:06

A large algal bloom has transformed an Australian beach into a glowing bright blue.

Bangladesh workers desperate to get home  👤1519

2017-03-14 18:38:46

These staggering images capture the crushing daily grind for commuters in Bangladesh, which sees thousands of workers clambering over one another to board a train out of Dhaka city.

Out-of-control driver in China crashes car onto house roof  👤1542

2017-03-13 17:23:13

A driver in China lost control of his vehicle while driving on an elevated road and crashed onto the roof of a nearby residence.

Cars from 'Wayne's World' sculpture for sale on eBay  👤1463

2017-03-10 19:30:32

The last surviving cars from a famous suburban Chicago "Spindle" sculpture featured in the film Wayne's World are for sale on eBay.

Vets remove coins from stomach of a turtle  👤1193

2017-03-07 17:30:34

Veterinary surgeons in Thailand saved the life of a 25-year-old turtle whose name means "piggy bank" by removing 915 coins from her abdomen.

Woman crafts wedding dress out of Taco Bell wrappers  👤1832

2017-03-03 15:01:39

A woman created a wedding dress made entirely of Taco Bell wrappers in hopes of winning the chance to be married at the fast food chain.

Noma dishwasher becomes co-owner of world-famous Danish restaurant  👤1708

2017-03-02 19:39:33

A dishwasher described as the "heart and soul" of the world-class Danish restaurant Noma has been made a co-owner of the establishment he has worked in for 14 years.

99-Year-Old Woman Gets Arrested As Part Of Her Bucket List  👤1846

2017-03-01 19:39:21

A 99-year-old woman in the Netherlands decided she didn't want to die without getting in Dutch.

Australian finds A$1m lotto ticket a year on  👤2154

2017-02-28 19:30:39

An Australian grandfather has become a millionaire after cashing in a year-old lottery ticket he found while cleaning his car.
The man, who has remained anonymous, bought the ticket in January last year.

Over 100 pounds of marijuana found hidden in hollowed-out firewood  👤1942

2017-02-23 16:21:58

Customs officers in Arizona said they found more than 100 pounds of marijuana concealed inside hollowed-out pieces of firewood.

Rare 'fire rainbow' charms Singapore  👤2028

2017-02-21 16:38:08

A rare cloud phenomenon over Singapore has delighted people in the city-state.

Army Command Post Issues Memo Banning Nickelback Music  👤1500

2017-02-20 16:36:46

It looks at least one army command post is going to war, but with Nickelback, not Iran or Russia.

Delhi’s Break Room lets you smash things for a price  👤2054

2017-02-17 16:51:18

Remember experiencing that strong urge to break something when we're really angry or stressed about something? The Break Room, a recently-opened place in New Delhi, actually lets its patrons break stuff with a bat if you pay them.

Indian artist builds world's largest sand castle  👤1907

2017-02-16 14:47:54

An artist in India constructed the world\'s largest sandcastle to promote peace and awareness about art.

Pro wrestler hammers record 38 nails with his head in two minutes  👤1509

2017-02-13 18:14:26

A pro wrestler used his head to hammer almost 40 nails and claim a world record on an Italian gameshow.



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