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Dell now has a Chromebook with a stylus too  👤1791

2017-01-26 11:41:40

Dell is announcing a trio of new Chromebooks today, and the most interesting of the bunch is a convertible laptop that works with a stylus.

6 New Tech Items That Will Simplify Your Life  👤1636

2017-01-24 14:25:25

Upgrading your speaker system has never been easier. This clever gadget turns any old speaker into one that's Bluetooth enabled. Simply attach it to your system via A/V, RCA, or 3.5mm jack input, pair with your smartphone or tablet, and you're ready to stream.

Samsung Announces What Caused the Galaxy Note 7 Fires  👤1454

2017-01-23 15:58:48

Samsung Electronics said Monday that problems with the design and manufacturing of batteries in its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones caused them to overheat and burst into fire.

This Smart Lock Will Make You Actually Want a Smart Lock  👤3429

2017-01-21 14:31:29

Smart locks are mostly a gamble: They promise the ability to unlock your home with only your smartphone, but it's hard to shake the feeling that they're somehow less secure than regular deadbolts. The Kwikset Premis, however, packs all the intelligence you want in a door lock while still keeping your pad on lockdown.

DNA-testing smartphone aims to tackle drugs resistance  👤3179

2017-01-19 12:21:46

Scientists have built a DNA-analysing smartphone attachment that is a fraction of the cost of lab-based kit.

This smart air freshener will let you pick a scent from your iPhone  👤4169

2017-01-18 13:29:04

Say goodbye to your Glade plug-in...

These Monkeys Evaluate Memories Just like Humans  👤2416

2017-01-15 15:31:25

It's the latest research to find a connection between human and animal cognition

Nintendo announces Switch price and date  👤1954

2017-01-14 12:23:39

Nintendo has said it will release its long-awaited new console, the Nintendo Switch, on 3 March.

SpaceX rocket set to return to flight  👤1987

2017-01-14 08:55:55

The American SpaceX rocket company is hoping to resume flights on Saturday.

Facebook 'to launch ads within videos'  👤1683

2017-01-13 13:25:05

Facebook is to test "mid-roll" video advertising - in which ads are played after a video has already started - the BBC understands.

Cancer spread cut by 75% in tests  👤1754

2017-01-12 10:17:51

The deadly spread of cancer around the body has been cut by three-quarters in animal experiments, say scientists.

Yahoo To Change Its Name  👤2213

2017-01-10 11:45:37

Yahoo will adopt a new corporate identity and cut the size of its board in half if the proposed $4.8 billion sale of its digital services to Verizon Communications goes through.

Nokia 6 Android Phone Launched  👤2056

2017-01-09 11:36:40

The first Nokia-branded Android phone - yes, we like to pretend the half-baked Nokia X series never happened - has finally launched. The rather unimaginatively named Nokia 6 was introduced on Sunday by HMD Global, the new custodians of the Nokia bran

Astronomers discover ‘powerful cosmic double whammy’  👤1942

2017-01-09 10:49:05

Astronomers, using data from India's Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT), have discovered two of the most powerful phenomena in the universe – a supermassive black hole and the collision of giant galaxy clusters about two billion light years from Earth

NASA’s Hubble creates interstellar road map  👤1586

2017-01-08 11:37:16

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope is creating a road map for the two Voyager spacecraft, that will travel through unexplored territories beyond our solar system, by measuring the material along the probes' future trajectories.

Japanese company fires its workers and replaces them with AI  👤1779

2017-01-06 13:16:16

A Japanese insurance company is replacing its staff with an artificial intelligence system.

Scientists Discover a New Organ in the Human Body  👤2356

2017-01-05 10:00:25

Scientists recently discovered what they are calling a new human organ that exists in the digestive system.

Amazon Echo-Style Voice Control Is Coming To More Appliances  👤1605

2017-01-04 14:32:47

Amazon and Whirlpool are hoping homeowners will pay for the luxury of not having to run down the stairs to pause a load of laundry or sprint to the kitchen to check on dinner.

Amazon Is Teasing a Huge Digital Sale for Dec. 30  👤3428

2016-12-30 12:32:58

Amazon is known for offering discounts on everything from TVs to speakers and home appliances during its Black Friday promotions in November and Prime Day sales in July. Now, it's planning to offer bargains on various types of digital content including TV shows, apps, games, movies, music, and more as part of its Amazon Digital Day on Dec. 30.

at an Alarming Rate  👤3051

2016-12-28 13:59:15

Just 7,100 cheetahs remain across the globe as the species continues to face a range of threats largely caused by humans, according to new research.



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