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AlphaBay and Hansa dark web markets shut down  

2017-07-23 11:40:22

Two of the largest dark web marketplaces have been shut down following a "landmark" international law enforcement investigation.

The AlphaBay and Hansa sites had been associated with the trade in illicit items such as drugs, weapons, malware and stolen data.

Google Play Music now works with Apple’s CarPlay  

2017-07-22 14:14:05

I really don't know how many Android fans who've bought into Google's ecosystem would favor CarPlay over Android Auto, but maybe Apple's in-car software is your only choice. If that's your situation, you can at least now stream from the Google Play Music iPhone app using Apple's finger-friendly in-car software, as reported by 9to5Mac. The CarPlay version of Play Music is divided into four sections: Home, Recents, Music Library, and Stations. Home is where you'll find recommendations — both based off your listening habits and other influencing factors like the time of day, your mood, or location.

Samsung's Next Galaxy Note Phone Is Probably Coming Next Month  

2017-07-21 16:48:04

Samsung may be preparing to unveil its sequel to the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7. The South Korean electronics giant just sent out invitations for its next Unpacked event, which will take place in New York on August 23.

Samsung traditionally uses these events to make big announcements around new products, especially those in its Galaxy smartphone line. The company has been known to debut new Note phones around the August and September time frame in years past.

Apple updates emoji keyboard, including highly detailed vomiting face  

2017-07-19 15:28:23

Apple has revealed the new emoji that are coming in the next update. But if you're squeamish, look away now.

Youtube not working as users see error message not videos  

2017-07-18 16:02:29

YouTube has stopped working for some users.

New low-cost smart glove can translate sign language  

2017-07-17 16:54:46

Scientists have created a low-cost smart glove that can wirelessly translate sign language into text and control objects in virtual reality games. The device, called "The Language of Glove," was built for less than USD 100 using stretchable and printable electronics that are inexpensive, commercially available and easy to assemble.

Facebook Is Reportedly Building a VR Headset You Could Actually Afford  

2017-07-15 14:45:02

Facebook's Oculus Rift provides one of the most immersive virtual reality experiences currently possible, but its appeal can be hampered by a cumbersome setup process, high price tag, and complex system requirements. The social media giant hopes to address those concerns with a forthcoming $200 wireless headset that will be lighter than Samsung's Gear VR model, according to a new report from Bloomberg.

No sweat: app aims to alert office workers when they start to stink  

2017-07-15 10:02:25

Worried your body odour is out of control but suspect your colleagues are too polite to say anything about it? Now there's an app for that, too.

A Japanese tech company has begun selling a device that allows people to self-test their sweaty exteriors for three categories of smell.

The pocket-sized detector, which looks like a tape recorder, connects by Bluetooth to a smartphone app that divulges the potentially ominous results in a suitably discreet manner.

Microsoft has officially killed Windows Phone, no more support for OS  

2017-07-12 14:56:25

Microsoft has announced end of support for Windows Phone 8.1, and this is literally pulling the plug on the Windows Phone platform. Though phones running the platform will not be bricked, users should not expect any future updates. Microsoft, which has clearly lost interest in the smartphone business over the past few quarters, is yet to announce its plans for Windows 10 Mobile.

Nokia 'regrets' health app backlash  

2017-07-10 18:30:07

Nokia says it is "regrettable" that problems with its Health Mate fitness-tracking app have frustrated users.

Nokia took over health tech firm Withings in 2016 and recently replaced the Withings Health Mate app with a Nokia-branded version.

Health Mate has been downloaded more than one million times from app stores.

New material can protect astronauts from space radiation  

2017-07-06 09:10:47

Scientists have designed a new nano-material that can reflect or transmit light on demand and may be applied on spacesuits to protect astronauts from harmful cosmic radiation. The material is so thin that hundreds of layers can fit on the tip of a needle and can be applied to any surface, researchers said.

Samsung reuses Note 7 parts for new phone  

2017-07-03 15:13:40

Samsung is releasing a new phone using parts from its Galaxy Note 7, which was axed after a battery fault led to some devices catching fire.

The firm said the Note Fan Edition would "minimise the environmental impact" of its high-profile flop.



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