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Will promises also end up being axioms?  


That, girls are raped, that two boys knife a third,

Will the public put the RTI Act to good use?  


After what seems like ages, Sri Lanka is finally witnessing the arrival of the Right to Information (RTI) Act into action.

President’s focus on upcountry  


The civil war in the country has led to enormous humanitarian issues in the North and the East. The support extended by the people from the North and the East at the last Presidential Election was significant along with the overwhelming support extended to President Sirisena at the Presidential Poll by the people in the upcountry.



Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, sent negative vibrations coursing over the entire world, but especially across Europe where NATO heads, Asia, and Pacific region leaders would have grimaced at his inauguration statement on foreign (military/security) policy with his criticism of Obama "subsidizing the armies of foreign countries while allowing the depletion of our own military".

Transitions cannot be shaped to please  


It is beginning to make those familiar rumblings once again with this present situation affecting the Sri Lankan cricket team that has come about from the South African Test debacle. It is not the first time such is taking place. Whenever the team performs poorly the rumbling begins. All teams around the world are facing similar runs with their performances in the game. Sri Lanka looked an unprepared team losing the Test series to home team South Africa 3-0, mostly due to their bad fielding.

NEW look at Tea  


Plantation Industries Minister Navin Dissanayake speaking at a function in Colombo yesterday said that the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) will launch a US$ 50 million global tea promotion campaign, this year.

Bringing China’s ‘wars’ to SL  


One of China's State controlled dailies, 'Global Times' has taken a swipe on both India and Japan, vis-à-vis Sri Lanka.



Western Province Chief Minister Isuru Devapriya had castigated the JVP alleging it was responsible for the aborted violence at the launching ceremony of the Chinese Development Zone Project in Hambantota. The UPFA's General Secretary went one better, claiming that the objective of the violent protest demonstration was to trigger "a Killing" as quoted in a daily last Friday.

Burdens of being President  


Remember that line, "It's good to be king" which portrayed the gloriousness of being the ruling party of a country/kingdom/monarchy? Yeah, the same cannot be said about the present days of a democratic society (HA!) with a President who is being watched, monitored, criticized from all possible directions – except during the tenure of the previous administration (you know what we are talking about – no need to spell it out).

Devastating drought  


The present drought conditions throughout the country have threatened agriculture, the drinking water supply as well as the generation of hydropower.

Sri Lanka – The Broad Picture  


The Joint Opposition could be forgiven for not knowing whether, along with Humpty-Dumpty, they are on the wall, clinging to it for dear life – or trying to clamber up its surface back to the top. The slither on both sides of the wall is caused by the US and India et al kicking up waves on the one side, with China, Russia etc following suit on the east side of the wall. Survival for the government and the Joint Opposition comes as a 'Hobson's Choice' because both are equally committed to the forces which sustain them, local and foreign.

Right thoughts matter more than talent  


Sri Lanka is abundant with cricketers from what you see when travelling around the country, especially during school holidays.

Winning the West  


The European Commission (EC) has proposed the restitution of the lost GSP + facility to Sri Lanka.

‘Iron fist in a velvet glove’  


Sri Lanka needs to grow at a healthy rate if it's to rid or lessen the impact of poverty among its people.



Within three weeks we've had growing indications of politically stoked aggression by unruly mobs, egged on by members of the Joint Opposition, threateningly boarding two foreign ships in the Hambantota Harbour, and last weekend intentionally clashing with the Police in a bid to thwart the government's initiatives to achieve economic growth while simultaneously making a desperate attempt to lift the country out of the massive public debt burden bequeathed to it by the former Rajapaksa regime.

Doom saying Development  


One could say that the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his devout followers in the Joint Opposition started the New Year with a bang by resolving to topple the current Sirisena- Wickremesinghe administration in order to secure a Sri Lanka Freedom Party-led Government in the country.

Saving Wilpattu   


It is saddening to see that the concrete jungle is gradually taking shape in Wilpattu which was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1905 during the British period.

Darker side of Southern Projects   


The delay in entering into the agreement with the firm China Merchant on the amended Hambantota Port 99-year lease has run into snags which the Chinese investor wants ironed out immediately. Reports say it wants the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority to also be a signatory to the agreement as an attesting witness to the project about which the ports authorities have not been too happy.

SLC must address ‘away tests’ seriously   


Being in a hurry about any and everything would appear to be a defining Sri Lankan trait, not the least predominantly evident when our national cricketers take the field against tough oppositions on away tours.

PCs AND Constitution making  


With Constitution making now on the cards and Premier Ranil Wickremesinghe and President Maithripala Sirisena being on the same wave length on this score (other than going for a twenty first Amendment (21A) to remedy any shortcomings in the present Constitution if any),a new Constitution may not only have to once more address the question of power-sharing, where all the noises made are seemingly in regard to such, but it may also have to address the question of cost rationalization in relation to power-sharing



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