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Premier must safeguard Sri Lanka’s national interests  


Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe is currently on a visit to India, having high level negotiations regarding a few pivotal economic matters. According to the Hindu reports, discussions involve signing a MoU to develop Trincomalee port's prospects through operating a major oil-storage facility, LNG plant and piped-gas projects and developing it as a key transit point with major expressways and industrial zones in the region. The reports further stated that discussions will take place regarding the Economic and Technology Cooperation Agreement (ETCA) which has been a suggestion that has generated much criticism in Sri Lanka, not only by politicians, but by also professionals.



For a brief, yet effective moment which lasted more than just a day, people of this country forgot that we were still in the fallout of yet another disaster made due to our own negligence and the myopic morals of our elected public representatives.

How We Forgot Earth Day  


Last Saturday (22) the world celebrated and commemorated Earth Day – a day set apart for celebrating and demonstrating support for environmental protection. It is also a day we completely forgot about ironically even in the wake of the Meethotamulla garbage disaster.

Need for a new Constitution  


Lanka Sama Samaja Party Leader Prof. Tissa Vitharana has emphasized the need of going for a new Constitution with the abolition of the Executive Presidency.



When national security is in the final essay at stake, one is constrained to sound a timely warning lest the government gets encouraged by gentle criticism and hence runs away with the idea that, by some weird sense of imagination this country belongs to its members. It does not. Not even to the President and the Prime Minister and the entirety of the Cabinet or the whole of Parliament, lest some strange mental alchemy has persuaded them into a conviction that a public trust is de facto ownership.

Honesty and Reliability: Sports Act or none  


As with many in Sri Lanka, another problem has arisen regarding actions of a National Sports Body the Sri Lanka Aquatic Sports Association (SLASA) regarding the disbursement of funds given by the Ministry of Sports to cover expenses; in the year 2015 swimmers from schools were participating in a swimming championship in Thailand. Funds were given to cover the cost of air tickets by the Sports Ministry, the cost of tickets had been collected from parents by the SLASA, of children who were to go to Thailand. And the parents are to report to the Minister of Sports that they have still not been reimbursed with monies due to them, even after two years, according to a report in Ceylon News.

Lessons from Korea  


The Bribery Commissioner's Department (BCD) established by statute in 1958, 36 years later, underwent a name- change in 1994 and was renamed the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption (CIABOC).



Had someone told US President Donald Trump about the Meethotamulla crisis, he would have blurted out his cryptic...and now famous... 'Not good', quip.
He would also have then frowned at the death toll...30, and still counting, as we reported, and said to Mattis and McMaster "Drop the attacks on Syria. The same number of people has died in that garbage dump called Sri Lanka and without Assad's chemical stuff".

Garbage Politics  


Deaths due to the 'Aluth Avurudu' tragedy caused by the collapse of the man-made 'Meethotamulla garbage mountain' as at Monday stood at 30, while 11 were listed as missing. (See this newspaper's yesterday's edition)
Reports as at yesterday said that the death toll had risen to 31.

Reactive vs. Proactive  


It has been three days since the Meethotamulla Garbage Mountain sank in, destroying an uncountable number of homes and lives trying to enjoy the coming of a New Year. By now of course, as any reactive government would do, our current administration has deployed excavation teams, search and rescue teams and countless number of volunteer workers to aid the displaced and the victims of this man-made disaster. Mind you, this is the third such incident that happened in the last two years.

No recurrence of Meethotamulla type disaster  


Sri Lanka is familiar with several natural disasters occurring in recent years with death and destruction in their train. It is for the first time a catastrophe has occurred due to the collapse of a garbage dump, of the type that happened at Meethotamulla in Kolonnawa in the Colombo District last Friday (14).

Inflation and Poverty  


Yesterday, the Census and Statistics Department (CSD) released their district-wise monthly poverty statistics, an activity first begun in January 2016.

Street Terror Incarnate  


Terrorism has been a prevailing thorn in our side since our previous governments decided it should be – intentionally or unintentionally, depending on who you ask. But then more governments came to power that put fuel to the burning issue and eventually another government doused the fire, which by then had engulfed most of the country.

Beijing factor  


Premier Ranil Wickremesinghe left for Japan on an official visit yesterday.

Prime Minister off to ‘Land of the Rising Sun’   


Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe leaves for Japan today to enhance relations between the two countries.

Of Trump, Chemical Attacks and Convoluted Politics  


The world took an about turn this week due to three significant events. The chemical assault within the Syrian border was allegedly carried out by the Syrian Government but fingers were also pointed at the rebel coalition that is fighting against the Syrian Government. The second event was in the fallout of that, where the Trump-led United States administration carried out retaliatory strikes in Syria. The third was the Stockholm terrorist beer truck incident that resulted in four deaths.

Fast games need fast minds  


In the blink of an eye, is as fast as you have got to think when playing the T20, the shortest version of cricket. The recent retirement from the version by the Bangladesh T20 captain explains it to an extent, when he says he was averse to it. The aversion to the game is how he describes what he felt while being in the game. That is bad enough as a player but when you are the captain it gets to be worse. There are eleven players that you have to keep an eye on, while on the field.

Balancing democracy with stability  


Sri Lanka's move towards full democracy, post 8 January, 2015 is astonishing.

GMOA Terrorism  


A few years ago a reporter asked the then High Commissioner (HC) of India to Sri Lanka Alok Prasad what the status of the now seemingly discarded Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) was?



Applying psychological principles to political strategies is an art in the realm of political science that leaders of the Joint Opposition have excelled in, on and off.



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