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CBK in Chelva’s hometown  


Former President and the Chairperson of the Office for National Unity and Reconciliation (ONUR) Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga, in Jaffna, while assuring the families of the disappeared persons that the government would adopt remedial measures to solve their grievances said that the Security Forces personnel who sacrificed their lives to eradicate terrorism would be respected.



When Premier Narendra Modi went to Moscow for talks with Russian President V. Putin, in December 2015, the latter presented Modi with an 18th century sword from Bengal that belonged to the Najafi Dynasty, and according to some, not something that evokes fond memories in the minds of Hindus of India. Shortly after they signed agreements to boost Indo-Russian cooperation in the all important and globally significant defence and nuclear energy fields, besides agreements facilitating Indian companies' participation in Russia's oil and gas sector as well as opening up the energy sector in India to Russian participation. The meeting between the two leaders was dubbed as the 16th India-Russia Summit at the Kremlin.

positive frame of mind vital for sports  


The only real sport to reach international standard in Sri Lanka has been cricket without a doubt. We should be thankful to the old coaches for keeping the game of cricket alive at a time when the MCC did not consider getting Sri Lanka onto the international stage. Rugby has somewhat proven that they are good at sevens and remain in the Asian circuit and will compete in the World Series if qualified at Hong Kong in April. Winning at the international level is still only a dream, but, one that is quite worthwhile going after. Athletics in the country has not progressed as it should have but Sri Lanka has managed to do well regionally.

London terror attack  


Three important happenings affecting Sri Lanka took place in two major cities of the West on Wednesday.

Boys Will Be This Extent?  


It should be noted, if by any chance our readers have been out of touch with the latest trends around the town, that the increased traffic in your major urban area might not be the result of yet another protest by university students, but the result of school children and past students of Colombo schools parading in celebration of their traditional inter- school cricket matches.

TNA’s hypocrisy  


Former Chief Minister of the once merged North-Eastern (NE) Provinces, A. Varatharaja Perumal, was quoted by this newspaper on its yesterday's edition of having had said, '…rather than insisting on the Hybrid Court for a war crimes inquiry, it would be better to initially try a domestic mechanism, as prescribed by international law…
…it is quite unsuitable to say that international mechanisms are necessary to assist the judicial mechanism of the country…

Dengue out to cull our population   


Every year we experience at least two dengue outbreaks. Both of which are accompanied by the monsoon rains. This year, sticking to its strict schedule has turned up again to cull our population.

Preventing new ‘Avatars’   


Timely action has been taken by the government to curb the inflow of religious fanatics into the country.



The crisis of modern democracy is profound. It is also one that is relevant to the Lankan experience of the Judiciary and the concept of justice as we have known them over the past 15 years or more in this country. Free elections, a free press and an independent judiciary mean little says Arundati Roy, adding that the crisis factor appears when "the free market has reduced them to commodities available on sale to the highest bidder".

Climbing mountains, to develop football  


There was the case of an Ex-national football player who was faced with a critical financial situation and circumstances arising from it had turned him into a grave digger to feed his family. At the time this man was severely criticized by the financial manager who was an ex- president of the Football Federation of Sri Lanka (FFSL), for publicizing his story in newspapers, blaming him for his situation, dug out by none other than himself. According to what was said by the FFSL financial manager at the time it indicated that the national player in question had been given enough chances by the association. The financial manager was the earlier president and backed the present president to occupy that seat, according to some veterans. We can come to the judgment as to how this national player might have been treated, by the story that came out at a recent discussion on football conducted by a TV channel. Four veterans were at the discussion table and it was said that there are 74 leagues involved in the game in Sri Lanka. Then the question about the federation taking care of them arose and it was said that the FFSL was giving them Rs 25, 000 each per annum for running their affairs. It might not be enough to buy each of the players in the league a pair of laces for his boots for a year. This conduct of these types of leagues and their actions need more transparency.

EU & Great October Resolution  


The other day President Maithripala Sirisena and Premier Ranil Wickremesinghe participated in a ceremony at the BMICH to commemorate the Great October Revolution which saw the overthrow of Tsar Nicholas II that ended the 1,800-year monarchy of imperial Russia and the institution of Communism under Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

Geneva, India & fisher poaching  


The 'Hindu', on the seeming controversial death of an Indian fisherman by shooting on 6 March, in an article published on its issue of Friday under the heading 'TN fishermen hit SL Navy water scooter, claim officials,' said, 'Officers investigating the gunning down of a Tamil Nadu fisherman allegedly by Sri Lankan Navy have claimed that the incident could have been triggered by the Rameswaram fishermen allegedly ramming against the Island Nation Navy's water scooter or inflatable boat...The circumstances under which the boat dashed the water scooter are unclear. It could have possibly been an accident while trying to sail back. But officials said that since the Sir Lankan Navy or the fishermen concerned were not forthcoming on the exact developments, it has become difficult to come to any conclusion at this stage.



The filthy voice of aberrant politics which we highlighted in last Sunday's editorial continues to harangue the government and the public and now seems intent on triggering a government as well as a public backlash as tolerance levels spill over into impatience at this vulgar demonstration of suspended violence by Opposition political forces intent on egging on the riff-raff in our schools and universities to do their bidding.

The smouldering fishermen issue  


The Tamil Nadu fishermen encroaching on local waters North of the country, has reached a boiling point. They have now issued an ultimatum to Sri Lanka and India, demanding that concrete steps be taken to address the Indo-Lanka fishing dispute, saying that failing which the situation may spiral out of control.

Well done Sri Lanka!   


The significant victory gained by Sri Lanka against Bangladesh in Galle, showed impressive signs that Sri Lankan cricket is now back on track, with a good, young lot under the captaincy of Rangana Herath.



The government has at long last decided to introduce legislation to ensure that the democratic right to assembly and peaceful protest demonstrations in public places will not be abused anymore by default.

Interest, knowledge of sports can stop rOt  


Around the world there is a standard for undertaking responsibility. It is especially so, when running a sports organization that is a money making venture. If you take an organization such as the International Olympic Committee, it is one of the richest sports controlling bodies in the world. These bodies are so rich that they are always under investigations because of corruption. It's not that it does not happen, but the main thing is how the movement involves itself with sports to have the biggest programme of sports going every four years.

Kashmir Resolution & Colombo  


If the first shot to destablise Sri Lanka was fired after the re-election of Indira Gandhi in January 1980, ipso facto with disastrous consequences to the island, then the second shot may well be fired if the international community insists upon international jurists sitting in judgement over the island.



It's the most incredible thing one could ever hear of at any level of politics in this country!

Economic context issues women face  


International Women's Day 2017 is celebrated on 8 March on the theme "Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030". This explores the issues faced by women in the economic context in a globalized setting. Exactly one year ago on this day, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Harsha de Silva was invited as a guest speaker for a Women's Day celebratory event.



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