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Government’s five unpatriotic documents  


"Although the government tried to cover up things, now everything is being revealed gradually." The doings of the government are coming to light, so much so that the above can be said. Although certain media are trying to hide this information, Mahinda did not allow them to be concealed and released that information to some media during the immediate past in a criticizing manner which put the government in a spot.

Who is Heen Baba?  


The Ranil-Maithri government which was appointed subsequent to the 'Rainbow Revolution' on 8 January identify themselves as the 'Government of Good Governance.' This Government of Good Governance is hybrid. It is a hybrid that no one ever expected in the history of politics in Sri Lanka. It is a joining of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party and the United National Party which never ever saw eye to eye in the history of politics.

Not even an ocean of blood can drown the truth  


The past week went by together with the gruesome assassination of an underworld gang leader. Not only the gang leader Samayan but seven others paid with their lives in this tragedy. In the face of this Chicago type shooting and cruel murder, not providing the protection of either the Police or the Army for the security of the prisoners is a serious problem that crops up. In addition it is reported that in the other bus that followed the prison bus for security there were several prison officers with T-56 weapons in hand.

Ministers, did you understand Maithri’s motives?  


"The President needs the assistance of Parliament to dilute the powers of Executive President. That is because it is the Parliament which has the power to amend the Constitution. Yet Parliament was unable to effect this change for the last twenty years. It is the President who is the leader of the main party that should provide the leadership to pass the Constitutional Amendment with a two-thirds majority. For that the President should take the initiative to reach an accord among main political parties. It is to fulfil this task that I decided to come forward as the Common Candidate of all the people at this Presidential Election."

Engaged in a political sport!  


"By virtue of the powers vested in me by Section 25A of the Universities Act, No. 16 of 1978, I, Dissanayake Mudiyanselage Sumanaweera Banda Dissanayake, Minister of Higher Education, having obtained a report under Section 70C of the aforesaid Act in respect of the South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine (Pvt.) Ltd. (SAITM), a company incorporated in Sri Lanka under the Companies Act, No. 7 of 2007, do by this Order and subject to the conditions specified in the Schedule hereto, recognize the South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine (Pvt.) Ltd. as a Degree Awarding Institute for the purpose of developing higher education therein, leading to the award of the Degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)."

The Political Prisoner Nonsense  


Now thank we all our God
For sending Hitler to us;
From Germany's fair land
To clear away the rubbish
We've done with the old ways
The new paint's spick and span
So thank we all our God
Who sent us such a man

Be Careful of pitfalls  


Former President of America Ronald Reagan has stated that a race is destroyed through racism. The Ministers and Members of Parliament of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, knowingly or unknowingly have been caught up in a serious conspiracy of the racist, powerful, extremist and corrupt force in our country where political traps of death which take on various types of disguises are set up.

Lost & Won  


The Argentina Judiciary ordered on 28 December last year that all assets of the former President Christina Fernandez of Argentina worth US Dollars 633 million be confiscated. It is reported that the Court issued this order subsequent to investigations carried out into accusations of corruption and fraud which targeted the former President.

Let us build the stadium – begin the games  


A wonderful incident occurred at the beginning of the week on Social Network websites. That is the five questions an individual had asked on a Q & A Session on Member of Parliament Namal Rajapaksa's Facebook Page. Those five questions are as follows:

Will monkeys attack the local Mujica?  


There was a common belief that political opinions agreed about a factor that was mentioned every time strikes and threats which were extremely stressful to the public across the country during the past two years were talked about. That is the fact that there was an invisible political hand behind all of these threats and strikes. Last week, this invisible hand was named and the cat was out of the bag.

Thieves that create false bogeymen  


On 8 January 2015 the people won a non-violent political revolution. Violence, political dictatorship, injustice, lawlessness and fear gripped our country then. A collective of certain people's forces which did not heed the fire powers, weapon powers which are conscionable engaged in a number of non-violent procedures and ignoring their personal privacy worked on behalf of the country, while focused on the same objective and as a result it was possible to achieve victory in the revolution which was named the 'rainbow revolution.'

Ben Ali there – Ben Ali here  


There are strikes everywhere. These strikes have succeeded to some extent at least to drag the country into a net of chaos and to upset the minds of the people to benumb the lives of people. When you consider these facts, it is obvious that the purposes of the sinful shadows behind these cruel strikes have been achieved at least to some extent.

Let us protect the cat!  


When we saw Namal Rajapaksa expressing his opinion on television, criticizing the assault of a journalist by the Navy Commander at the Hambantota Harbour, we could not help but smile.

Reverse Gear  


By Bandara

A full stop was put to the attempt by the Minister of Ports and Shipping Arjuna Ranatunga to break a world record by creating the world's tallest Christmas tree.

Saying this, so that an investigation can be carried out  


By Bandara

"Ape Hamuduruwane, yesterday I received a file from the Treasury. In the file it states that, in your neighbouring district of Matara, an agreement had been signed by the government with a Chinese company for the Nilwala Ganga Project in 2012. A cheque for a sum of Rs 1,000 million had been given by the Finance Minister in 2012 for work on this project. You may remember that the past presidential election was held on 8 January.

What is Mahinda’s new strategy?  


By Jeewana Pahan Thilina

"Decision made to hear the case against Mahinda"

This news was reported in a newspaper on 23 November. When considering this in relation to some of the statements made by Mahinda up to now,this is in fact a victory of Mahinda's. What Mahinda kept saying up to now was that if he had committed any offence he should be punished.



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