Who is Heen Baba?

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By Bandara

The Ranil-Maithri government which was appointed subsequent to the 'Rainbow Revolution' on 8 January identify themselves as the 'Government of Good Governance.' This Government of Good Governance is hybrid. It is a hybrid that no one ever expected in the history of politics in Sri Lanka. It is a joining of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party and the United National Party which never ever saw eye to eye in the history of politics. This connection lit up the expectations of the people who were disgusted with the fighting and squabbling that was existent in the ring of politics. The conscientious people of this country were dreaming of the wonderful dream that the two main political parties of this country who got together should work towards developing the country and the progress of the nation. Ensuring that this wonderful dream became a reality, these two main streams of political parties established on 08 January 2015 a joint government. A merger that is unlikely to take place as per the lack of understanding in prudent political vision did take place.

It compares wonderfully with the pledge which was submitted to build up, and read in order to nourish national cohesion and reconciliation within the week from 8-14 January 2017. A part of this pledge is as follows.

"We are all members of the same brotherly group of humans. We work with the resolve of creating unity among all citizens and communities of Sri Lanka with good understanding, trust and unlimited brotherhood. We pledge that on behalf of this great objective, we will join hands with each other and through that we will build up a prosperous nation and a Sri Lankan identity."

The words of course are superb. This pledge should be repeated by not only the government employees but the Sri Lanka Freedom Party and the United National Party Ministers and Parliamentarians who got together for good governance.

The people of this country expected from both these parties which joined together, for good governance, several points. Their request of priority was to defeat racialism. They hoped that all extremisms will be defeated. The other expectation was to bring before the law, without considering the type of status at all, everyone who got involved in the arbitrary dictatorship during the era of the Mahinda administration. The other responsibility the people expected from the Government of Good Governance was the defeat of racists and religious extremists for sustainable peace in the nation. Equally, the people assigned authority to the government to create a new Constitution for further strengthening democracy. The economic comforts required for them to live, the people expected with earnest, came after the above mentioned expectations. It is regrettable that the government, unable to fulfil any of these expectations, is stagnating in one place for the past two years.

Promotion mechanism

The Joint Opposition group is not allowing the government to do anything, and unable to put up with being stripped naked in front of the people and all what they did in the past being revealed, have strengthened their promotion mechanism as champions, and is in the process of obstructing everything the government does and is being traitorous to the people. What they want to do is to inconvenience the government in whichever way they can, and to make a mess of the overall nation. That is narrow, avaricious politics. It is definitely not people friendly politics in any way.

The conflict created with the Speaker of the Parliament during last week, was also an organized clash of this group which was a powerful incident of the guerilla promotion. Wimal Weerawansa is a massive cog wheel of this power hungry, political guerilla marketing mechanism. He marketed his being remanded for the misuse of state vehicles, to the maximum in a superb manner.

Observing sil, writing books, drawing pictures, using children, requesting to be independent in Parliament, carrying out protests across the country, putting up various types of posters, cutting birthday cake and clashing with the Speaker, using improper words on the Speaker, all were minute procedures of the mechanism of promotion.

Wimal, unlike any of the politicians who were remanded prior to him, promoted his image in a planned manner. Unlike Basil and Namal who were remanded for about two weeks, Wimal very cleverly planned everything. Even S. B. Dissanayake who was remanded some time ago, did not attempt to promote his image in that manner and did not have a plan of a promotion mechanism.

The idea that he should become independent in Parliament came to Wimal Weerawansa, while he was in prison. While he was not in prison and was free, he did not think of this idea. It is as if he planned this, knowing very well that his request to be independent in Parliament was not in compliance with the rules and regulations of Parliament, he intended getting involved in a massive conflict in Parliament.

According to the Constitution and Standing Orders, subsequent to contesting at the General Election on 17 August 2015, the Commissioner of Elections had on 19 August 2015, based on the special gazette notification 1928/2 declared that there were six political parties.

These six parties were the United National Party, the United People's Freedom Alliance, Ilangai Thamil Arasu Katchchi, Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna, Eelam People's Democratic Party and the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress.

In addition, is it possible to legally recognize any other political group or party within the Parliament?

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya declared his decision, in a dignified manner, with points and logically explaining according to parliamentary tradition the legal foundation as well. The disgruntled Joint Opposition then started their protests. Various abusive words were spoken. The Speaker appealed to them to remain calm and not to be enraged. If they agreed to the Speaker, their plan of promotion would have gone waste.

Therefore, the shouting and the yelling did not decrease. As they overstepped the red line, the Speaker had to suspend Parliamentarian Dinesh Gunawardena for a week from Parliament.

Plan A worked very well. Plan B was the debate on adjournment motion in Parliament that day regarding SAITM medical college.

The debate in Parliament on the SAITM medical college was very important. However, setting that aside, the members of the Joint Opposition submitted a written request to the Speaker, asking that instead of Dinesh Gunawardena who was suspended from Parliament for a week, to appoint Dullas Alahapperuma as the leader.

Expressing his views at this juncture, the Prime Minister said that what, was requested for Dulles Alahapperuma was the leadership of the group and not the post of deputy leader. He said that the leader of the SLFP group in Parliament was Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva and that the leader of the UPFA was President Maithripala Sirisena.

At this moment Dullas Alahapperuma who was in expectation of the leadership of the group rose and told the Prime Minister, "Do not become the Heen Baba Seeya in the Sidhu drama!" Parliamentarian Wimal Weerawansa said not to try to taste mother's milk for saltiness.

On that day itself, we heard and saw a 'Heen Baba Seeya' of the Joint Opposition, from the side of the Presidential Commission carrying out investigations into the alleged Treasury Bond fraud, who had got all his words mixed up.

Parliamentarian Bandula Gunawardena who holds press briefings and stirs up people's opinions, at a media briefing held on 7 March 2017 had said in relation to the Treasury Bond issue that he had submitted a written request asking to be provided an opportunity to give evidence at the Commission.

The State Counsel said at the Commission that Bandula Gunawardena had made such a request and that it had been confirmed.

Gunawardena said at the Commission that he had mentioned his intention to submit such a request, at a media briefing. He said that during his speech he would have mixed up his words, not intentionally but by an oversight.

Chairman of the Commission Judge K. T. Chithrasiri said that such oversights where words were concerned caused obstructions in the tasks of the Commission. He further said that, because the trust that the people have regarding the Commission collapses, to be extra careful when using words.

It was revealed through that news broadcast to the entire country, who 'Heen Baba Seeya' is who gets his words mixed up and engages in acting which makes the truth the untruth.

The political character of Wimal Weerawansa was created by the mother named the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna. It was the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna, which introduced Wimal Weerawansa the orator, to the people. When the former leader of the JVP Somawansa Amarasinghe returned from abroad, it was Wimal Weerawansa who welcomed him back and people have not forgotten how he walked behind the trolley then.

He broke off from the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna which helped establish him as a political character in this country and today what he says against the party and the accusations made against them are known to the people.

Therefore, the conscientious people of this country will decide, to whom the story about tasting the saltiness in mother's milk is relevant. There is a saying that 'when money talks truth remains silent'.

Mahathma Gandhi has said, "It does not matter if you wish a hundred times for me to be destroyed. However, provide room for the truth to remain".




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