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By Manekshaw-

Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran made a mind boggling speech, for the first time in a practical manner, realizing the ground realities of the Northern Province, since he became the first Chief Minister of the Province in October 2013.

Wigneswaran's speech at the newly opened centre for local products in Jaffna last Tuesday (4) was a treat for the right thinking Tamil political 'think tanks' who think that the confrontational attitude in dealing with the political and humanitarian issues of the North and the East will only lead to more and more catastrophic situations instead of finding amicable solutions to the problems.

After his retirement from the Supreme Court, Wigneswaran was leading a very peaceful life focused on spiritual and cultural activities. It was on the insistence of the Tamil elites in Colombo, Jaffna and abroad Wigneswaran came forward to enter politics with the backing of the Tamil National Alliance hierarchy.

The illankai Tamil Arasu Katchchi (ITAK) Leader and Parliamentarian Mavai S. Senathiraja was considered the most eligible politico for TNA's Chief Ministerial candidacy. However, Senathiraja became a 'kingmaker' by supporting Wigneswaran to become the Chief Minister of the Northern Province.

As the three decades of war had annihilated several Tamil political bigwigs in a ruthless manner there was a big vacuum for a refined lot on the Tamil political scene who could deal with the post-war political and humanitarian issues while strengthening peace and reconciliation in the country.

From the time Wigneswaran became the Chief Minister with his unblemished background in the legal fraternity, he genuinely voiced for the people affected by the war without any reservation or hidden agendas.

mixed reaction from political observers

Wigneswaran's firm stance in highlighting the grievances and seeking justice for the people victimized by the war led to a mixed reaction from the political observers, whether the outspoken Chief Minister's comments would damage the hard earned normalcy in the North and the East or would lead to amicable solutions for the problems.

However, the speech made by Wigneswaran last Tuesday has very well highlighted though the Chief Minister was aggressive in expressing his views he was very much aware that the confrontational approach in Tamil politics was not going to help at all in achieving the political aspirations of Tamils while settling their humanitarian issues.

Wigneswaran in his address at the opening ceremony of the centre for local products in Mankumban, Jaffna said that several politicians act in a vengeful manner.

"Our people have suffered immensely in the past. Several of our politicians prefer to lead their political life without thinking constructively. They keep on coming out with accusations. Of course we have been victimized, politically. But we should not give room for enmity in our hearts and minds. Traversing the path of vengeance and adopting a confrontational approach towards the challenges we come across will only lead to destruction. Our mindset should change. We must evaluate our strength and our opponent's strength along with the strength of those who come forward to helping us. At the recent UNHRC session in Geneva we were able to understand the ground realities.

"We must adjust ourselves to the political environment around us. We cannot achieve anything by anger or hatred.

"We have to identify those in the government who remain supportive to solve our problems and we must join hands with them," Wigneswaran said.

Focusing on the economic side he emphasized that instead of expecting government jobs, the job seekers in the Northern Province should come forward to develop their own resources and become self-made entrepreneurs.

Economic development

A few months ago Wigneswaran kept himself away from attending an economic development forum organized by Northern Province Governor Reginald Cooray in Jaffna with the participation of Central Bank Governor
Dr. Indrajith Coomaraswamy.

However, Wigneswaran attended an event organized by Minister of Development Strategies and International Trade Malik Samarawickrama a few weeks ago in Jaffna to promote the export opportunities of nearly 2,000 local entrepreneurs.

Appreciating the initiative in Jaffna by Minister Samarawickrema, Chief Minister Wigneswaran emphasized the need of changing the Northern Province into a highly developed region in the future.

So, Wigneswaran's new thinking which was reflected by his speech last Tuesday in Jaffna has well indicated that it had taken nearly four years, since he became the Chief Minister, to understand that the confrontational approach will only complicate issues further.

On the other hand, those who attempt, locally as well as abroad, to 'stir the hornet's nest' in Tamil politics by misleading Wigneswaran will also get the message from his latest speech that it is high time for them to have changed their mindset and worked towards fulfilling the political aspirations and developing the war-torn North and the East without adopting an antagonistic approach.



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