Arrest of a Senior DIG

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The Trial-at-Bar hearing of the brutal murder of school girl Vithya Sivaloganathan in Punkuduthivu, Jaffna has led to the arrest of Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police, Lalith Jayasinghe who was serving in Jaffna when the terrifying incident took place in May 2015.

The Police sleuths have found the Senior DIG's alleged involvement in paving the way for the prime suspect Mahalingam Sasikumar alias Swiss Kumar to leave Jaffna soon after he was placed under Police custody in connection with the murder of Vithya.

The investigations carried out in the past two years have made startling revelations of suspects in the rape and murder of the seventeen-year-old Vithya having links with an international network of pornography.

The gruesome murder of Vithya shook not only the Jaffna Peninsula, the barbaric incident had also sent shockwaves throughout the country making several women's rights organizations to seek justice over the murder of Vithya.

Senior DIG Lalith Jayasinghe who is presently serving in the Central Province is the very first senior serving Police officer to be taken into custody in connection with a murder case.

Soon after the brutal incident occurred in Jaffna, DIG Lalith Jayasinghe was clueless when the press had come out with several questions on carrying out the preliminary investigation into the murder of Vithya.

It is interesting to note that the Vithya Sivaloganathan murder trial has turned into a high profile affair, with not only the alleged involvement of a senior serving DIG, but also the alleged links the former Dean of the Colombo Law Faculty V.T. Thamilmaran had with the prime suspect Swiss Kumar.

Though the prime suspect, Swiss Kumar has been known as a person who arrived from Switzerland, however,the Swiss Embassy in Colombo has clearly stated that the suspect was not a Swiss citizen.

The former Law Faculty Dean, Thamilmaran being a native of Punkuduthivu, the area where the tragedy had occurred, had already given evidence before the Trial-at-Bar on handing over the prime suspect to the Police after he surrendered in his presence.

However, senior DIG Jayasinghe has denied all allegations levelled against him in connection with the prime suspect escaping from Jaffna after being placed under police custody.

According to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) substantial evidence is in the possession of Police sleuths going over the DIG's alleged involvement with regard to the issue of Swiss Kumar.

Vithya's brutal murder has thrown a huge challenge in the backdrop of initiatives taken to gain the confidence of the people regarding law enforcement to strengthen law and order in the Northern Province with the end of the separatist war.

Already several Police officials have been convicted for their involvement over various nefarious activities and some of them continue to be under close scrutiny over incidents such as the mysterious death of rugby player Wasim Thajudeen and now a senior serving DIG has been taken into custody for his alleged involvement in the murder of Vithya Sivaloganathan.

The brutal murder of Vithya was even described as the outcome of the anarchic situation which prevailed for nearly three decades as a result of the collapse of law and order in the Northern Province.

Vithya's murder which had led to the study on the changes which had occurred due to the three decades of a darker period, revealed how far antisocial elements had stretched their arms in taking law into their hands.

Therefore, the arrest of former Jaffna Senior DIG Lalith Jayasinghe in the Vithya Sivaloganathan murder case , whether the Police 'bigwig' is guilty or not, has highlighted the need for those who have been tasked with maintaining law and order to be ever vigilant, committed and focused with the issues which come under their purview.



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