Cops in quandary: won’t respond hereafter!

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By Amantha Perera 2016-03-21


A crisis situation has arisen with Police deciding not to intervene on occasions when groups of students from boys' schools enter girls' schools during Big Match Season or at...

....other times unless there is a written complaint lodged by the relevant principals.
On certain days some Principals and security guards of girls' schools call the Police emergency number and complain and then Police officers come immediately and take into custody students who enter school premises 'by force.'
Then the Heads of the relevant schools call back and request the Police to release the boys in custody and as a result, a senior official of Police Headquarters said, that such complaints have to be considered twice before any action is taken.
Owing to this crisis, the Police senior official said that it is difficult for the police to take over responsibility and that the issue has been subject to discussion among senior Police officials.

This Police Officer pointed out that the closest reason is the students of Royal College who were taken into custody by the Kollupitiya Police for having attempted to forcibly enter Bishops College and Ladies College in Colombo only to be told that these boys had been asked to visit the schools willingly. This was included in a statement made by the Principals of the relevant schools to the Kollupitiya Police. The Police had informed the Fort Magistrate's Court of this on the 17th through a further report.
On the 8th, the Kollupitiya Police took into custody 14 students of Royal College for having tried to forcibly enter Bishops College and Ladies College and they were produced at the Fort Magistrate's Court and released on bail. They were also ordered to be present in Court on the 17th. The students of Royal College were present in Court on that day. At this juncture the Kollupitiya Police had submitted a further report to Court that the Principals of Bishops College and Ladies College had made statements to the Police stating that these boys had been invited to the said schools and informed them not to take any further legal action against them.
The Magistrate who considered the further report submitted by the Police, ordered that the fourteen students of Royal College be released and closed the Case.

When such incidents happen, the Police who are obliged to maintain and protect public peace, find it difficult to carry out their duties properly and take legal action against the offenders, a senior Police official said. Ceylon Today has gotten to know that, under these circumstances certain parents are also upset.

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