SEUSL gets Faculty of Technology

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By 2016-11-04

(By Our Ampara Correspondent)

The Information Technology (IT) interested student community has received the good news that they will soon be able to enhance their knowledge in the field of technology as the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka (SEUSL) will have its own Faculty of Technology (FT). All arrangements have been finalized to commence operations before the end November 2016.
This FT will have two Departments, namely, Department of Biosystems Technology (BST) and Department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Seventy-five students for each department have so far registered for a study period of four years with eight semesters.

According to sources, the SEUSL has all the necessary basic facilities to start a new faculty such as infrastructure, human resources, finance etc. It is said that the fullest support received from the University Grants Commission, the Ministry of Higher Education and Highways and the Treasury, in acquiring the needed facilities such as equipment, machinery etc. was commendable. The SEUSL has utilized the financial allocations from the Treasury in an efficient and effective manner to equip the Faculty to provide a better teaching-learning environment to the students.

The special feature of the BST and ICT Programmes is that the curriculum is being prepared considering the academic and industrial requirements. This special curriculum gives more weight to practical applications so as to narrow the gap between the competency of the graduates and the expectations of the industries. The curriculum of BST (in Agriculture Technology) is being prepared in consultation with prominent academics from the University of Peradeniya and the industrial experts from CIC Agri Business (Pvt) Ltd. Similarly, the curriculum of ICT is being prepared in consultation with experts from the University of Colombo School of Computer (UCSC). Other notable feature of the Department of BST is the availability of a University farm, commonly known as Malwatte Farm, 3 acres in extent, which lies along Sammanthurai-Ampara main road for the use of the students to gain hands on experience in technology.

SEUSL has many Student Welfare Units such as a Physical Education Unit with a standard level playground with ultra-modern facilities, Recreation Complex comprising brand new sports gadgets, a Medical Centre, a Multi-Cultural Centre and a Multi-Shop so as to make the students to enjoy immensely and experience comprehensive and real university life.
The Government of Sri Lanka has improved the higher education system, so that it will be in line with the global educational trends, which ultimately produce graduates who are easily and readily employable in national and international competitive job market. Many of the ASEAN countries, which were far behind Sri Lanka tapped the waves of technology that came in to the world during the late 1970s -1980s and thereby developed their countries while Sri Lanka failed to exploit such a golden opportunity due to many reasons. The country has now seriously realized that the development of the country is heavily dependent on the application of technology in the field of industry, whatever the sector could be.

Above all, the world's current trend is towards a 'Knowledge Economy'. Technologically empowering the human resources of a country, especially the young labour force, will assist in driving the economy towards knowledge-base industrialized economy. Accordingly, the Ministry of Higher Education together with the Ministry of Education have initiated many plans to infuse 'Technology' in to the curricula of secondary and tertiary level education. Advanced Level (A/L) has been introduced with a new subject stream, a combination of many technological subjects, called 'Technology Stream'. The first batch of (A/L) Technology Stream students sat their A/L examination in 2015. In order to absorb these technology stream students to universities, many universities in the country including the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka (SEUSL) have been introducing a new faculty, namely the Faculty of Technology (FT).




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