Attempt to smuggle elephant calf foiled

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By 2016-11-04

Officials attached to the Department of Wildlife Conservation successfully foiled an attempt to smuggle an elephant calf last Wednesday (2) in Udawalawa.

Sources at the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Wildlife said the wildlife officials had intercepted the smugglers with the assistance of the Hambegamuwa residents in Udawalawa.
The residents had seen a three-month-old elephant calf, which had been tied to a tree by several unidentified individuals. After notifying the authorities, the calf was released from its fetters.

Hambegamuwa Police with the assistance of the Criminal Investigation Department is conducting an investigation to identify and arrest the smugglers. The authorities suspect the smugglers had transported the calf in the night and had shackled it to the tree, only to be found by the villagers the following day.

The calf will be transferred to the Udawalawa elephant transit home following a medical check-up.




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