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By 2017-01-08

"It's so hard to find things in Sri Lanka", is a phrase that is commonly used by many of us Lankans as we strongly believe in the notion that Sri Lanka isn't as developed as many Western nations. However, it's high time that we dig a deep hole and bury this phrase as Sri Lanka now has almost everything you need. Without a doubt we all have our sugar rush moments, yet not many of us get our hands onto baking our own sweet cravings for two main reasons, being lazy to clean up or believing that Sri Lanka does not have the necessary items needed for baking.

Being a home baker myself I've come to realize that baking couldn't get any easier as Sri Lanka has everything from cake décor to readymade cake mixes at fairly reasonable prices. Previously finding dainty cake décor, chocolate chips, a range of flavourings and food colourings was quite a task as not many outlets offered these items in Sri Lanka. However, at present cake ingredients and decorations can be bought at a single stop as most supermarkets in and around Colombo offer these items. Amongst the many different supermarkets that have been established in Sri Lanka, Arpico located down Hyde Park Corner in Colombo 2 is the most convenient stop for your cake needs in terms of ingredients and decorations as they have an entire section dedicated just for cake items. What makes Arpico the perfect place to hunt for cake items is that they not only offer basic cake ingredients and decorations but also sell diced fruits such as cherries to make baking even more convenient and less time consuming.

If you are someone who is particular about the kind of chocolate chips and chocolate you use in your cakes, cookies and other baked goodies, Shoppers Stop on Marine Drive is the place you need to be at as they offer international brands of chocolates and also a range of different chocolate chips such as milk, dark and white at moderate prices. Furthermore, this mini mart of confectionaries also has other little goodies such as sugar coated almonds which are ideal to be used as decorations for cakes.
Furthermore, the number of things available when it comes to baking has also given couch potatoes the opportunity to bake and enjoy delicious goodies as supermarkets now sell instant cake mixtures that only require you to add in eggs, water and oil.

Similarly baking cookies has also become a lot less time consuming as readymade cookie dough is now a reality in Sri Lanka. Readymade cookie dough is a product that saves a great deal of time as you only need to read the instructions and bake them according to the specified time. Instant cake mixtures can be found at Keells and Arpico outlets whilst readymade cookie dough is occasionally available only at Arpico so far.

A birthday is never complete without a cake being cut and thus we spend exorbitant amounts on cakes. With the availability and easy access to cake items it is possible for you to make your own cakes at home whilst saving some cash. Shaped cakes can also be made at home now as cake trays come in different shapes thus making it easy for individuals to bake cakes at home for different occasions. If you are looking for cake trays, cupcake casings, cake boxes, different nozzles and so forth for a fairly cheap amount you need to step into Krishna Fashion Centre at no.155/2 Main Street, Colombo 11. Though this shop is as tiny as it may seem, it has almost everything you name with regard to baking.

If there's a whisk there is always a way. Therefore, with the number of things that are available for baking at present, anyone out there can become a self-taught baker and satisfy all your sugar cravings as and when you wish to indulge in some sugar delights. Happy baking!




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