The action shooting, African driving simulator

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By 2017-01-08

Many thought that Far Cry would be overshadowed by Crysis. Both were open world games where players had the opportunity to do anything and tackle situations in creative ways. However, while Crysis had its nano suit and many other interesting weapons and armour, Far Cry did not.

The first game in the series was incidentally a way that the company responsible for the game, Crytek (the guys who made Crysis) could show off their new and shiny game engine (at that time) which was called CRYENGINE. Using this fancy piece of technology raised the bar in computer graphics, which made a pretty game look prettier. In a sudden turn of events, the game became successful. However, the games that came after that were the works of Ubisoft (the Assassins Creed guys).
The game takes place in a Central African state, currently facing a civil war. The government has recently collapsed, leaving two factions in a tug of war for power and control. Both sides have hired many foreign mercenaries to bolster their strength over the course of the conflict. The player's character is given the task to find and assassinate "the Jackal", an arms dealer who has been selling weapons to both sides of the conflict. The player must accomplish this goal by whatever means necessary.

This means that players have the liberty to investigate any way they choose. Players can take jobs from both factions and use connections and ties to sniff out "the Jackal" (no pun intended) Also, almost any group that players encounter will most definitely attack and attempt to capture the player. This means there will be a lot of shooting that can and will happen on the road. Far Cry and its brother Crysis were popular because of their open world and map, which allowed players a new scope of freedom. Gone were the days of running and gunning like in Call of Duty (but you can do that too if you want). However, the developers at Ubisoft must have been a little over-enthusiastic.

There are hardly any fast-travel options in the game, and because of that, most of the gameplay time would have players drive across African landscapes. This is no sugar-coating, players will need to drive around a lot. Forest fires can occur because of player actions during combat, or sometimes just because. Weapons become damaged with extended use. Guns start to jam because of rust, rocket launchers will misfire and the playable character can fall ill at any point of time.
A lot of game mechanics are in work with this game. However, combat mechanics haven't been given as much thought. It is a very polished but basic system. Nothing exceptional can be mentioned. It just works.

The weapons players have at their use aren't the most ground breaking. It's pretty much a standard compilation of machine guns, semi-automatic weapons, pistols and sniper rifles. Grenades and RPGs are also in the mix. The true fun in games like Far Cry or Crysis is in following unconventional methods. For example; attacking an enemy camp using only a tranquilizer rifle and a pistol, or by using a crossbow with explosive tipped arrows and a couple of grenades. The forest fire mechanic can also be used to create tactical advantages. Far Cry 2 is a game that everyone could play, but few would find satisfying. This is probably why the game wasn't such a success in the industry. However, it is a really rewarding experience if given the chance. Because of that, it is a game you can't go without appreciating.

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