Prez wants private sector involvement in poverty alleviation

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By 2017-01-10

By Ishara Gamage

Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena on Sunday (8) urged the country's private sector to take part in his government 'Grama Shakthi' community driven poverty alleviation programme which aims to create a poverty free country by year 2030.
"The creative intervention of the private sector for removing causal factors of poverty is essential," President said at the second anniversary ceremony of the Unity Government at BMICH, Colombo.

He declared this year (2017), the year of alleviation of poverty and said that although Sri Lanka's official statistics claimed poverty was around 7%, if it included the low paid public and private sector employees and unemployed segment of the society, the true poverty was around 25-27%.

They were mobilizing the private sector to consider minimizing regional disparities and eradication of poverty as part of corporate social responsibility, the President said.

The government seeks active private sector participation for rural employment creation, value chain management, supply chain management, input outsourcing and management consultancy.

The President also said that identification of export oriented and locally producible crops, industries and services that can be provided with minimum cost is also a role of the private sector. 'Grama Shakthi' the proposed community driven collaborative rural development approach incorporating the current Samurdhi programme and other programmes facilitated parallelly by government and non-government institutions, reflecting the intervention of people to remove the causal factors of poverty will be in place soon.




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