Only 2% govt. school students in English medium

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By 2017-01-11

By Ishara Gamage

In Sri Lanka, only two per cent of government schools students are studying in English medium and about 30 per cent of them are in the Western Province, preliminary findings of Annual School Census – 2016 report, which was carried out on 1 June 2016, said.

There are 10,162 government schools in Sri Lanka. Eighteen new schools have been opened after the month of June 2015 and have been included in this census.

However, there is no English medium in government schools' Grade 1 class. From a total of 6,338 schools, 62% are Sinhala medium schools while students of 47 schools learn in all three mediums i.e. Sinhala, Tamil and English. Three or more subjects for at least one grade are taught in English medium in 769 schools distributed throughout the island.

14.3 per cent of schools have less than 50 students and half the schools in the country have less than 200 students. From all schools in the country, about nine per cent have less than five teachers while around nine per cent schools have more than 50 teachers. More than one-fourth of total schools have 21-50 teachers. The highest number of 1AB schools are in the Western Province. 38.7% of the schools have classes only up to Grade 5 or Grade 8.

Although the national schools (353) represent a mere 3.5 per cent of all schools, almost 16% of students are in these schools.
About 97.6 per cent of the teachers in government schools are either graduates or trained teachers. Western Province has the highest student-teacher ratio while Northern and Uva Provinces are fortunate to have the lowest student-teacher ratio (16:1). Students in the Western Province are privileged to have very high students untrained teacher ratios.
Similar to the previous years, boys are slightly higher than girls in Grade 1 admissions in all nine provinces.




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