Union Bank partners with Instant Cash

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By 2017-01-11

Union Bank recently announced its partnership with Instant Cash global money transfer service, which is an internationally renowned, state-of-the-art electronic money transfer system that employs leading edge Internet-based technology. This technology is safe, secure and enables recipients of remittances to collect the money within minutes after it is sent.

Developed for the global expatriate community and travellers, Instant Cash money transfer service is monitored and serviced by a dedicated customer support and operations team in the UAE. Users of Instant Cash would enjoy speedy remittances at competitive fees with the best exchange rates along with the continuous support of service centres and agents in several countries.

In addition to speedy remittances, Instant Cash also offers a variety of money transfer solutions that include cash-to-cash transfers, cash-to-bank account transfers, home delivery as well as mobile money transfer services.
Instant Cash, with its vast agent networkof over 250,000 locations across the globe, is well equipped to service the remittance needs of all segments of society. Its widespread network around the globe will provide Union Bank's clients a safe and secure mode of money transfer which is also fast and convenient.

Commenting on the partnership with Instant Cash, Union Bank, Vice President Retail Banking, Chaya Jayawardena said, "We are pleased to announce our partnership with Instant Cash global money transfer service, which will facilitate a state-of-the-art remittance experience to our valued clients. It is one of the most popular money transfer services worldwideand we are pleased to offer this cost-effective remittance channel to connect our customers with their loved ones around the globe. The remittance service is one developed for the masses, and therefore Instant Cash charges some of the lowest fees for remittances in the industry and is backed by the latest technology for reliability.Over the years, Instant Cash has made a positive impact on thousands of lives with their quick, easy, dedicated customer service and their competitive pricing which ensures that when your family sends you money from abroad, you receive the maximum available worth of the money. We believe that our partnership with Instant Cash will benefit our clients by way of a more convenient, versatile option to send/receive money from abroad while contributing to the growth of the much needed inward remittances to the country."

Union Bank is one of Sri Lanka's leading banks supported by the strength of TPG, the US based global private investment firm with over US$70 billion in capital under management and an extensive global network with significant presence in Asia and Europe. TPG's investment of US$117 million in Union Bank marked a milestone in the financial services industry as one the largest foreign direct investments to Sri Lanka. With a solid foundation etched with financial stability and international know-how, Union Bank is amongst the highest capitalized private commercial banks in Sri Lanka, offering a full range of products and services to personal and commercial financial sectors.


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