Sampath Bank extends ‘Hope for a Life’

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By 2017-01-11

Reiterating its status as a responsible banker of the nation, Sampath Bank recently made an invaluable contribution to the Kidney Disease, Dialyzer and Transplant Unit of the Teaching Hospital in Anuradhapura.
Carried out under the Bank's 'Hope for a Life' CSR Project, the endowment included a Maltipara Monitor and a Programmable Automatic Micro Plate ELISA Reader. These machines enable the medical fraternity to improve the management of Kidney patients, thus saving precious lives with efficient, accurate and timely treatment.

Commenting on this initiative, Sampath Bank PLC Senior Deputy General Manager – Consumer Banking & Pillar Head of CSR, Tharaka Ranwala said, "Considering the crucial situation that the Anuradhapura District is fronting, the team at Sampath Bank were greatly overwhelmed by the number of lives that have been affected by the disease and the lack of immediate relief or advanced medical equipment. Therefore, we believe with medical expertise, commitment and dedication of the medical fraternity in Anuradhapura to rid lives from this terminal disease, those affected communities are assured to live a healthier lifestyle with a promising future".

Teaching Hospital in Anuradhapura, Consultant Nephrologist Dr. Anwar Sadath, "The special Kidney Unit of the Teaching Hospital, Anuradhapura undertakes a great deal of responsibility to help affected communities by providing a range of clinical services. Fortunately, Sampath Bank's contribution to help these communities has saved lives as these machines can provide an ideal platform for providing patients with better care."

"Identified as a region with a significant percentage of individuals affected by Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKD), the North Central Province continues to see an increase in the number of deaths and terminal cases. As such, this endowment fulfils a vital requirement of the Chronic Kidney Disease Unit of the Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital to save the lives of CKD affected patients in the area", he added.

Under the 'Hope for a Life' Project, Sampath Bank has carried out various initiatives to elevate the standards of Sri Lanka's health sector and address some of its most critical issues. In efforts to combat CKD, Sampath Bank installed a water purification unit in Poonewa to provide villagers with clean drinking water. Among the many initiatives, the Bank also donated a Neuro Navigator System to the National Hospital of Sri Lanka.

Sampath Bank's unwavering commitment to improve the social and health development of communities and individuals earned them the status of 'Nation Mindedness' by LMD for the third consecutive year. With such initiatives, Sampath Bank continues to reinforce their efforts to uplift the lives of citizens, while contributing towards the social and economic growth of the country.




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