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By 2017-02-12

By Shanuka Kadupitiyage

Assassination Classroom is the anime adaptation of a manga done by Matsui Yuusei with the same title. The series has two seasons, a spin-off manga and anime known as Koro-sensei Q, two live action movies and an anime film.

The story revolves around the students of Class E in a prestigious junior high school. This class is filled with students who are academically behind their fellow students and those who have broken the school's rules. These students are shunned by the other students and teachers.

The classroom itself isn't even on the school campus, but rather in a makeshift log cabin out in the middle of the woods. Class E soon gets a new teacher. However, one thing to keep in mind here is that the teacher is not what you expect.

He is a superhuman creature that looks like a yellow octopus that has destroyed 70% of the moon and threatens to destroy Earth next March. The teacher also has the ability to move at the speed of mach-20 and is virtually indestructible. To make things worse, he turns out to be the best teacher they could ever have, and these misfits are tasked with killing him.

The plot itself is amusing and has a high appeal towards the target audience; teenage children. And maintains a light-hearted attitude, even if the ending will undoubtedly be a tragedy either way.

Studio LERCHE did a great job with this series, keeping the art and animation quality consistent throughout all the episodes. The contrast between the vivid and bright colour palette for the happy, light, classroom scenes, while using dark, murky colours for more dramatic scenes is extremely noticeable. The animations used for the action scenes are fluid and well directed while the directing style taken with this title is not the most innovative, yet is very effective.

Because the whole story revolves around a classroom, and more importantly a school itself, the cast is huge, making the task of giving each character adequate screen time and attention a hard task. This made some of the characters feel flat and uninteresting. However everything became smoother by the arrival of the second season.

Many characters even got full backstories in the second season, and every character got a lot more fleshed out. Not all the students got the same amount of development, but this was actually a good choice and it didn't take away from the enjoyment of the series at all.

The music is nothing noteworthy. It does what it's expected to do but it was tough to find a track that stood out. All the opening tracks for both seasons were done by several character voice actors.

Assassination Classroom is a solid creation that adheres to its main theme very strictly; "What should we teach to students?"

Each episode has consistent quality which is good enough but with a great story. Assassination Classroom is definitely a story to be watched.




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