Valentine’s Day movie picks

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By 2017-02-12

By Nirupa Mohan

It's that time of year again; Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Regardless of whether you're in love or not, this is a time when you'd want to enjoy movies that fill your heart with a sense of romance and love. Here are a few special picks that will leave you falling in love once again this Valentine's.

Love Locks

Set in Paris, this is a romance drenched film that will leave you feeling a sense of love this Valentine's season. Love Locks, a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie by director Martin Wood, stars Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell, as they bump into each other after 20 years. The film is filled with romance and love, as they rediscover what truly matters. The film is filled with scenic cinematography, art and culture in Paris, while also focusing on the intertwining stories of those around them, who fall in love for the first time and others who rediscover love after many years. Rated 6.8/10 on IMDb, this 120 minute romance film is a must watch, this Valentine's Day.

Walking the Dog

Rated 7/10 on IMDb, this romantic Hallmark film just released on 4 February, in time for Valentine's. The film by director Gary Harvey stars Jennifer Finnigan as Kristie and Sam Page as Keith, as rival lawyers. They go head to head with each other in court, only to keep bumping into one other as their dogs keep pulling them together. This is a slow paced film that unfolds as it goes in the run up to Valentine's Day. The duo and the people in their lives come together, finding their own true loves. This film also touches into the importance of standing by each other not just as individuals but as a community to safeguard what's important.

It Happened One Valentine's

Rated 5.6/10 on IMDb, It Happened One Valentine's, by writer and director Jake Helgren released on 7 February by Fly Free Films. The film stars Haley Webb as Allie Rusch, a reporter looking for a scoop, and James Maslow as Caleb Greene, a celebrity pop musician with a music album under production. The storyline follows the career driven Allie, as she is asked to play cupid to get Caleb and his colleague Carson Peet starring Brittany Underwood together, to get an exclusive story for Valentine's. But as Allie and her co-worker, Matty Sellers starring Tommy Savas, meet the two celebrities, they need to figure out if it's the story that's important or if it's finding their own Valentine's that is truly important. The movie also focuses on trust, friendship and the significance of making a difference through their work and doing what they truly believe in. Filled with romance, music and heart, this is a romance film that's a treat to watch.

Enjoy these Valentine's specials that just came out in time for you to indulge in the romance of the season on screen this February. These are easy to watch romance movies that are sure to leave you feeling the true essence of Valentine's Day.




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