Sasikala in Bengaluru Jail

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By 2017-02-17

V. K. Sasikala, on Wednesday evening, drove up to a prison in Bengaluru where she has been sentenced to four years in jail for corruption in a case that involves J. Jayalalithaa, the Chief Minister who December and was the leader of Tamil Nadu's ruling party, the AIADMK.

Wearing a brown sari, the 61-year-old left Chennai in the morning after stopping to pay tribute at Jayalalithaa's memorial, where, her party said, she took 'a mighty vow' to triumph over the 'conspiracy and back-stabbing' that has led the outfit to break into two unequal factions.

She is now a prisoner at the same jail where Jayalalithaa and she were kept for about three weeks in 2014 when they were first convicted for corruption.

Sources said Sasikala has asked for a cell that comes with a table and a fan, a couple of non-vegetarian meals every week, a space to meditate, and guaranteed round-the-clock medical assistance if sought.

On Tuesday evening, Sasikala broke down as she addressed about 120 legislators at a resort in Chennai which, as of about five days ago, has turned into a party outpost. "They can imprison me, but they cannot imprison my care for you," she told them, adding, "wherever I am, I will be with the party."

As Sasikala starts her jail sentence, her party awaits the Governor's decision on whether the man she has chosen as proxy – Palanisamy- will be asked to take oath and then a trust vote.

Both he and Panneerselvam have been asked to meet the Governor tonight. Sasikala, in Bengaluru, will start her term as Prisoner number 9234.




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