The mundane yet entertaining

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By 2017-03-19

By Shanuka Kadupitiyage
Ceylon Today Features

Barakamon began as a manga serialization which grew into popularity and soon was adapted into an animated episodic series (much like many other titles). While it is definitely not the most thought provoking, or intriguing of stories, Barakamon retains a simple charm that captivates anyone who watched it.

The premise of the story is very much straightforward. It follows a young calligraphy artist and his journey of self-discovery in finding his own style of writing. What triggered his journey happens in the very first episode, where he punches the curator of a calligraphy exhibition because he called his work "un-original". As punishment, his father sends him out to a remote coastal village to live by himself with no modern luxuries. The remaining list of episodes consists of him trying to find his own original style of calligraphy and gaining maturity (at a snail's pace).

To join with him are the local youth, all who have their own quirks and oddities. They make the already funny story, even more hilarious.

There really isn't much to make Barakamon stand out from other titles. It remains true to its genre of light, sometimes slapstick comedy throughout the entire span of episodes. Yet no matter how uninteresting each scenario may seem, viewers will have a hard time finding a moment where the story becomes boring. The dramatic moments which usually should be more resonant are gleefully glossed over and almost forgotten for childish antics.

What Barakamon has that draws people in isn't compelling story or great writing. Its honesty, straight-forwardness and joy these are also words that could describe the main character, Handa Seishu.

This story is a joy to watch for the sheer purity and innocence that it presents. A spectacle that in this day and age is becoming rarer as time passes. This is a story that with no doubt can bring a smile to any viewer.

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