Police mark their 153rd Heroes Day

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By 2017-03-21

Sri Lanka Police celebrated its 150th Anniversary on 3 September 2016. However, this time Sri Lanka Police marks the 153rd Police Heroes Day.

It is said that the acolyte of one of the country's Robin Hood styled champions, Uthuwankande Saradiel, Mammale Marikkar fired at a Police Constable Saban, who eventually succumbed to his injuries, during a raid to capture Saradiel's gang on 21 March 1864 in the Uthuwankande area.

Police sources said that in commemoration of that heroic sacrifice of life by the Police Constable, the Police Department has continued to mark 21 March as the Police Heroes Day.

This year, the main event of the Police Heroes Day will be graced by IGP Pujith Jayasundera. It will be held at the Police Field Force Headquarters in Thimbirigasyaya, Colombo 5, in front of the memorial statue.
A special Police Heroes Day event has also been planned for the same day at the Mawanella town, at the precise spot where Police Constable Saban sacrificed his life, in his attempt to arrest Saradiel and his acolyte Marikkar.
Another special Police Heroes Day event has also been planned to be held at Roopaskulam, in the Ampara District, where 400 Police Officers sacrificed their lives during the separatist war on 11 June 1990.

IGP Pujith Jayasundera's attention has been drawn towards the welfare of Police officers of all ranks in the Police Department.
The IGP has instructed officials to continue payment of compensation to all Police Officers disabled during the war, while paying similar compensation to Police Officers who were rendered disabled when on duty.
The IGP has ordered the payment of compensation to Police Officers who have been sent on retirement, without completing 10 years of service due to being disabled while on duty.

The IGP has also ordered the construction of a housing scheme at the Police Heroes Village at Walbothale in Meerigama for the families of Police officers who have sacrificed their lives for the country.
The IGP has also ordered that prominence be given to those kith and kin of Police heroes who are being treated at the Police Hospital.

Among the welfare services already being rendered by the Police Department are the providing of housing facilities for Police heroes and their families by the Police Wanitha Sewa Unit.
Providing school and university scholarships to children of Police heroes and providing medical care for those afflicted by dreaded diseases.




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