Arrogance and crowing is the way of the doomed

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By 2017-04-09

By T.Arjuna
Dear number two; since the word number two has more than one meaning, including a not so nice one, it creates a bit of confusion as to which meaning I am referring to. Hence, for the sake of clarity, it would be better to address you as mister second class - first class being way above your class. I say this because you behave and think as though your class is superior to all classes; forgetting the fact that, a superiority complex is nothing but an attitude that conceals actual feelings of inferiority. In addition, you seem to have lost sight of the fact that it is, by your own reckoning, to those inferior classes you went beseeching, courting, worshipping, and pleading with, in order to get to where you are now.

I am not writing this specially for you even though it seems like it. This in fact, addresses all those ambitious beggars who aspire to be where you are now; and are likely, like you, to turn arrogant once in power; not knowing that all power is destined to destroy.

The law of harvest is to reap more than you sow; sow conceit and you will not reap love or humility, but a surfeit of rejection.

Hence, learn to master your conceit before you can master your people. After all, men are manacled only by themselves. Their thoughts and actions are their jailers of fate. Hence, with humility, learn to accept the things to which fate binds you. Love the people with whom fate brings you together; and do so without pretence, honestly, and with all your heart. The destiny of a human being is not a matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not something to be waited for; but rather, something to be achieved. Ultimately, the only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be. But remember: No wind favors him who has no destined port.

However, I am aware rendering advice might be a waste of time. Those who are bent on courting death will not take kindly to sage counsel by well-wishers. Like all fools, they indulge in the trait of conceit and boastful lips. They realize not that these traits have made even the mightiest of them all fall. For, arrogance and crowing is the way of the doomed.

Now that I have said my bit, let us for a moment take an honest look at the present state of the nation in which you are so bent on being number two at any cost; the cost of course being borne by the unfortunate denizens, to their greatest peril:

The Tamils feel let down for promises unfulfilled. The Muslims feel let down due to persistent feeling of insecurity. The majority Sinhalese feel let down over various issues. Where then is confidence in governance, but by the cronies and bum suckers of those governing? Do we need a government just for the sake of maintaining a group of cronies and bum suckers, who remain the main beneficiaries of governance? The reason for all this is that some who govern reason wrongly; others, reason not at all; and the lapdogs of government only persecute those citizens who live by reason, though lacking reason to live.

Foreign nations support this government only because the FM and PM play balls with them - both being specialists in that field - in spite of the fact that they have been the epitome of failure, incapable in governance and greatly deceitful.

To boot, the PM seems bent on defending crony crooks. If wrong, please correct. I strongly feel that only a crook at heart can defend other crooks.

The President of the nation roars like a sinew-less lion incapacitated by the lack of wiser counsel. He often makes choices that go against reason, against common sense; and seems not to know exactly where his actions will lead.

The opposition, at least the so-called opposition, consists mostly of a bunch of crooks that spend time, mostly defending a family of thieves and other crooks.

The TNA exists because the Tamils have no one else to vote for, even though they know that it is now a toothless tiger fit only to hunt mice. The JVP has become an archaic voice and its middle-aged leaders fond of a good life. As a result, they are the lap dogs of the wealthy.

These are all men who run on the tide of time. Some succeed by chance. Others, in the hope of gaining greater things, spin their own yarn, ending up where they always intended to be - in a world of imagined dreams.

Politicians defile the sanctity of human life. Hence, I feel it is time to shed some blood: blood of the crooks, thieves, liars, and the useless, occupying parliament; their cronies, and bum suckers. It is time for revolt and revolution by the intelligent, learned, the honest: for the sake of their survival.

Democracy is not for a people who are fools, greedy, jealous hypocrites. It is time for a re-evaluation of democracy which is nothing but a good ideal dumped in a shit hole in which buffaloes that dream they are humans live.

If I had my way, I would erase politics, putting art in its place; allowing artists to rule. Artists are naturally heart-driven; and unlike politicians, capable of weaving bridges for peace. They would decorate the world with their love. In that love, poverty, hunger, lines of division, would vanish forever. Children of our nation would then be free to play, imagine, create, build, and grow without the deceit of politics.

Sadly, there are no artistes in Sri Lanka. Like politicians who pretend to be Statesmen, only pretenders to the throne of art live here.

See you this day next week. Until then, keep thinking; keep laughing. Life is mostly about these two activities.

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