From viewer to YouTuber!

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By 2017-04-09

By Shanuka Kadupitiyage
Ceylon Today Features

"YouTuber" is the title given to anyone and everyone who uploads original content into the social media giant YouTube. The process to become one is very simple and in fact, takes no additional effort to register. However, to be a successful or in-demand YouTuber is a very tough target to achieve.

Before the company became what it is today, YouTube was the Instagram for videos (what Snapchat and Vine is today). Anyone who signs into YouTube using their Gmail account can upload content to the service. This still continues on to this day. However, some began to rise in popularity and gain larger amounts of views than others. At this point, Google who were running the service decided to make a dramatic change; to incorporate Google Adsense into the YouTube service. Adsense had been and still is one of the best ways websites could create a steady income. The basic way it operates is by linking advertisements into the website. Companies use the service to increase web traffic in their servers, therefore every time someone clicks the advertisement, a small amount of money is credited to the Adsense user and becomes a source of income. Not soon after,

Google decided that YouTube can be the only way to beat television and decided to promote and increase the amount of content available in their service, which brought forth the YouTube content creator programme. By registering with the programme, users have the opportunity to monetize the videos that are uploaded. The same Adsense method was used but the opportunities that were now being provided were much more diverse. Advertisements now were in video and began to last around 10 seconds, which brought income. Of course this meant that the videos with higher views and likes got greater amounts of income. Side income opportunities started emerging as well. The Patreon service also started to support YouTube "Content Creators" where viewers can pledge amounts of money for each video uploaded through credit or debit cards. Some have even canvassed their own supporters and have also used merchandise sales as a source of income as well. The opportunities for income through YouTube have become so great that many have quit their jobs and begun to upload content as a full-time self-employment venture.

So how does someone start from being a YouTube watcher and end up as a YouTube star? The first step is quite simple and is already complete; sign up with YouTube.

The next step would be to create a YouTube channel for yourself and start uploading and posting video content. When a steady viewer base has been created, it's time to join with the content creator program and start monetizing videos. Because everyone can upload into the service, YouTube has become a highly competitive ecosystem where uploading a couple of videos rarely is enough to generate a sufficient viewer base. Being successful here is rarely easy, but gives back large rewards. Next week I'll explain what it takes to make it in this exciting new horizon.




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