Sunny Sunday on the beach

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By 2017-04-09


Sunday is a lazy day for all of us at home. I usually get my weekly bath and the coat brushed into shiny fineness. A chance to relax and enjoy most of the sun (part of the Sunday). If having tick problems then mummy would take me to the veterinary clinic for some medication. This Sunday it was neither, but a total surprise instead.

Mummy took me and the boy to the beach early in the morning. It must have been around 6.30a.m. when we got there.

Apparently the dogs they had owned before me had gone to the beach regularly. So they had been beach loving dogs I heard mum say. For me this was of course the first time. Because there was some apprehension about how I may react to the new environment. I was collared and taken on a leash.

Soon as we were out of the car, I was hit by a foul smell, a mixture of rotting food, urine, burnt oil, fumes and something worse, but I did not know what. Soon I found out that this was the combined smell of the sea.

Just then a train passed only yards away. The whole area shuddered as the vibration passed pushing the rusty old long train out of our vicinity and another passed by hooting its horn indignantly. I found this new place a cauldron of smells and noises and rather impossible to develop a liking.

Then tripping across the railway lines we came to a large expanse of sand and rolling over the dune was a beach shaped by the lapping waves. The sea roared a constant loud noise and the waves kept running into the beach. The sea smelled of dry fish and a combination of several other factors. It hung low and tasted salty.

We walked along the coast line for a long, long time until we were tired. I got my first dip in the salt drenched water. It was rather chilling in spite of the hot sun. I shrugged and wiggled trying to get the sand and moisture off. I shook myself as hard as I could and O-boy did I get everyone wet. I could hear mummy scream, 'stop that'. But actually I felt much better after that. In turn others around me were sprayed with a bit of sea.

Later on the beach mummy ran a towel over me and promised a decent bath when we got back home.

Although the sea has a million gallons of water not a drop can be drunk to quench the thirst. My mummy had at hand a bottle from which a bit was spared for me. As they lay side by side on the sand with the waves ebbing at the feet I plopped beside them feeling O-boy-what-wonder kind of happiness.

The downside of the beach there were community dogs that I found to be rather unfriendly.

And if you ask me if I liked the Sunny Sunday on the beach, not quite as I much rather prefer the park where the sun is bearable and a dog is treated with dignity amongst a crowd.




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