The New Constitution Creating divisions for democracy

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By 2017-04-13

By Ananda Ariyarathne

"An ordinary Tamil who lives in Jaffna minds his personal affairs and looks forward to good events like paying homage to Lord Skanda and undertake such rigorous journeys on foot through the traditional paths. They go through Sinhala villages and are respected. How relaxed they feel after completing their journey and offering their devotion. Who would stop them from their annual pilgrimages like those? Do they want that legalized? Similarly, when Sinhalese go to worship Nagadeepa and other shrines in Tamil Hindu areas who would mind? Although some incidents are reported, either they are exaggerated or caused by mentally sick extremists."

Now after so many years of friction and imposed peace, people are getting used to the realities. The ordinary Tamil people know that Sinhalese are not monsters and they have started coming out of their 'Traditional Homelands' looking for opportunities in other lands. What is wrong in that? Even the so-called hard headed Sinhalese extremists would not say anything about that.

It is a very encouraging and a pleasing trend that Tamil youth can be seen everywhere in the country now mingling with the so-called 'monsters'. It is not a rare scene now to see young boys and girls working in garment factories associating each other so well. One can see young Sinhala boys helping their colleagues going out of their way to look for boarding houses and so on. How many building sites have become lively with masons and helpers who have come from Jaffna?

Self rule and day-to-day living

The cynicism and cruelty of human beings are not a social ailment. It is an ailment of a few individuals. As long as people do not step on each other's feet, there shall not be any reasons for people to start frictions. If people are left alone for themselves to live freely, those scheming politicians will not have any valid reasons to move around. That is why they want people to be different so that they will feel different and that way will never come closer. The funniest thing is that they talk about 'harmony'.

From morning till evening they think, plan and plot to set people against each other and they say they cannot find solutions.

How will such a thing like 'Self Rule' make it different? If people are alienated, how will they come closer? Self Rule denotes only one meaning. That is that there is no faith or trust. Will not the same set of self appointed saviours be running the show? Now, they have tried to give a decent appearance to this plot to segregate people by making it look more democratic. Now the champions talk about 'Sharing Power' and they show that even the Sinhalese will be benefited that way. The 'truth' they hide is the fact that even the Sinhalese will be divided. It is funny in a way, how desperately those 'Saviours' act in trying to prove what they try to do is the best.

Therefore, if we relax and become neutral to weigh things, it shall not be difficult to observe that it is not the system that has gone out of control. It is those operators of the system who have gone out of control.

Main barrier

It is the mental condition instilled in people who first become prejudiced before looking for what they wish to see. It is a negative condition people have developed in their minds. Due to that, the human values have disappeared. The members of our society, regardless of their ethnicities have problems which are aggravating by the day. It has nothing to do with ethnicities. Our society has been misled to such an extent, all have started running for something which make them forget their purpose of living even.

Those are the benefits we have got from this 'Open Economy' which permits anything to reach anyone anywhere. Then we scream that the younger generation is destroyed. While it can be said that there is problem like that, is it something that can be tagged only Sinhalese? That exemplary Tamil culture is getting destroyed too.

Everywhere there are divisions. People are not allowed to think independently. They are prevented from seeing reason. And we talk about democracy and rights of people. Everything is moving towards chaos. A well planned Chaos, at that.

Are Tamil people really angry with Sinhalese?

This is a question all of us ask from our own selves. The schemers have been using sensitive issues because such will be more convincing. If Tamil people are allowed to speak their minds, will they say that they suffered under armed forces?

How many parents died at the hands of ruthless LTTE killers? How many innocent young children were led to their deaths by those? What are those called? Definitely not atrocities! For a change, Tamil people should start inquiring about their own people who are missing. Now, even for those were caused to be missing by LTTE are going to the credit of the armed forces. How many young Sinhalese village boys gave their lives to free those innocent people from the LTTE fighters?

How many Tamil elders were killed by trigger happy misled youngsters? Again what was happening? Was not it the same malady? The creation of 'divisions'?

People should unite

Disregarding ethnicities, people should start reaching each other. That shall be the beginning of the end for the crafty and dishonest politicians who have made politics a way of life for them by becoming a severe burden on all the people.

Do we really want divisions for better democracy?




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