New Constitution A lull in activities?

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By 2017-04-20

By Ananda Ariyarathne

"It definitely looks quite unusual to see a lull in the enthusiasm of the self-appointed philanthropists after the big noise they made in trying to push the cocktail- Constitution down the throat of the people of Sri Lanka. It is definitely beyond belief, as the party is not over yet and the programme could not have been abandoned or forgotten. This is because the initiator behind the show would never give up. How flimsy are their justifications can be seen by the absence of a common objective for all the people who have this land as their home.

It is nothing but hilarious to note the desperation in justifying when they try to prove how much beneficial it is for the majority Sinhalese. In the first place the Sinhalese did not cry for such a change. It does not need the reasons to be ethnic because it affects all without any discrimination. It is actually a conspiracy to divide the majority Sinhalese into a dog-fight scenario, so that the ultimate goal of achieving a separate State can be realized.

As the expectations could not be realized as anticipated and aspired by those extremists among the Tamil Diaspora who lead affluent lives and live completely away thousands of miles away from this land, the allegations they make have already started losing their attraction as the people have started noticing the stark naked absurdities in those allegations.

Criminals should be dealt with

Criminal elements can be anywhere in the world and they will not be more or less depending on ethnicities. If some police officers are said to have resorted to illegal activities, can they be trusted? Similarly, it applies to armed forces or military personnel. If there had been any abuses, they are also criminals. But the criminal intensions have to be established first in such cases. If found guilty, they will not be spared. However, if all those who become linked to any kind of drastic developments, in the line of duty, how can it be fair to punish such personnel simply because they had been armed and wearing uniforms. If any of them could be proved guilty beyond reasonable doubt if they had misused their authority.

The laws of this country had been and have been strong enough to deal with such eventualities. In that case why do we need foreigners to deal with such activities. This is the truth that had been suppressed all along and it happened due to the pressure from groups behind the strong propaganda work. In the eyes of those who could not know this, could easily believe the stories used in such propaganda campaigns.

All the members in the armed forces and police are Sinhalese and naturally, they are presumed to hate Tamils. This is the picture painted. Therefore, that angle 'In the line of duty' never arose. Propagandists never left a single opportunity. The armed forces had members from all the communities but such aspects were never given publicity.

Now that a considerable time has passed, the majority of the Tamil people are also becoming bolder. They have not forgotten the atrocities and the genocide caused by their own self-appointed champions. LTTE became the most ideal proxy for the extremist

Tamil Diaspora
Truth is coming to surface

The expression of 'No Confidence' in a Constitution of this nature should not be misunderstood as a voice of a die-hard chauvinism. It is not against the fellow Tamil citizens. It is a case of voicing the grievance of the majority Sinhalese and a voice against the Tamil Extremists who have no genuine care for the people in Sri Lanka identified as Sri Lankan Tamils in the North and East who are biologically the same as Sinhalese. By what is pushed by them what really happens is that the 'end result' is a condition where rights of the majority Sinhalese have been encroached thereby giving reasons to become agitated. The worse is that there are no special rights the Sinhalese have which are not enjoyed by the Tamil people. In a way, the Tamil people have more rights than the Sinhalese. Statistically, almost fifty per cent of them are found in the so-called Sinhala areas and that shows that the picture given to the world is different.

How will such a percentage of Tamil people live among a community hostile to them? Isn't there something radically wrong?
The Tamil people who are already enjoying the non-interfering attitude of the Sinhalese are growing in numbers because they know from their own experience that even during the bloody war with the LTTE they were not ill-treated.The detentions and arrest of Tamil youth during those days were linked with the intelligence reports and with the end of war, it came to a halt. The Tamil people who were held hostage at gun-point as a human shield cannot forget the treatment they received at the hands of their own saviours.

Fear psychosis

The fear psychosis that kept the innocent Tamil people silent immediately after the war, the truth about what had been happening under LTTE is coming out gradually. If the situation improves, the biggest damage that can be caused will be the harmony between Tamils and Sinhalese.

At a recent media conference held on 5 April, Amnesty International is said to have gone into difficulties with the questions raised by Shamindra Ferdinando who had pointed out the discrepancies in numbers of deaths and enforced disappearances. While the Amnesty International expected to push for a Hybrid War Crimes Court, it could not move forward as the allegations could not be proved beyond doubt due to the inability to prove the allegations. It had ended with the Amnesty International calling for a 'credible investigation' to examine the unsubstantiated allegations against Sri Lanka. The inability to justify their call for a War Crimes Court with foreign judges was clearly reflected in their admission that the basis of the Geneva Resolution had to be examined.

It has now become an undeniable fact that the same Western powers who accuse Sri Lanka of war crimes try their best to stop the Sri Lankan Government from defeating the LTTE. That was obviously done on the motivation from the Tamil Diaspora and therefore, it logically fits the probability that they are doing this in order to support the Tamil diaspora only.


Before going into what all the well wishers of the Tamil Diaspora had to say, a source which may be taken as authentic was the census carried out in 2012 in the North to determine the number killed. It had been done with the Tamil teachers and government officers and the figure they arrived at was 7, 432 as killed and care had been taken to differentiate between killed and those who died. Well, that is something which cannot be challenged by the propagandists. Even if all made mistakes, the Tamilnet cannot make a mistake like that. The figure they gave had been 7,398 less than the figure obtained through the census.

According to the United Nations Resident Representative's Office in Colombo, between end August 2008 and 13 May 2009, the number of killed was 7, 721. But it was a known fact that the UN Under Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, Sir John Holmes rejected this figure, stating that it was a figure given by the lower rung Tamil employees of the United Nations who were held by the LTTE by force were present on the ground, claimed that 10,000 had been killed. The sources of such information are still kept confidential.

Look at the figures given by the so-called high officials who were involved in some form during those days. The UN spokesman in Colombo is said to have mentioned 40, 000 as killed in a publication, but had mentioned the figure as 10, 000 to a Sri Lankan Audience in Australia. According to a pro-LTTE Reporter, Frances Harrison it might have been between 70, 000 and 140, 000. When all had been showing figures on civilian casualties, it was reported that Labour MP Siobhan Mc Donagh had stated at the House of Commons that 60, 000 terrorists and 40, 000 civilians had died during the period from January to May 2009. Such figures did not support any logical substantiation as they looked obviously exaggerated when an analysis was done. It had been the ICRC that was responsible for ferrying the injured to safety. The figure they had, had been 18, 439 taken by land and sea for medical attention.The accepted assumption had been two to three times the killed and if 40, 000 had been killed and the wounded would have been between 80, 000 to 120, 000. It is an obvious instance where the 'brainy guys' had slipped.

It is also a fact that people are becoming alert to the naked truths like the extortions that had taken place in the Western countries and the roles played by individuals such as Fr. Emmanuel and Suren Surendiran and the legal action in some countries prove that they were not on a pilgrimage. They planned to fight against a legitimate government and supported in funding and providing material. People like Adele Balasingham led innocent children to their deaths. And those innocent children turned into ruthless killers did not hesitate in pulling the triggers of their automatic weapons at helpless kith and kin of their own.

What action have all those exemplary human rights champions done about such criminals?
The claim that almost 50 per cent of the Tamil people had fled the country is an interesting and eye-opening aspect. Imagine the numbers now as claimed for the traditional homelands. If those who are remaining account for 50 per cent imagine the numbers that were there before all these started. It makes one's head too dizzy.

People are now wiser and know what is really happening.
Our politicians should stop playing with the sovereignty of our nation.



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