President predicts Economic Turnaround

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By 2017-04-21

President Maithripala Sirisena said that due to important decisions taken by the government concerning the country's economy during the past two years, the foreign reserves had exceeded US $ 5 billion today.

He said the country was heading towards a very positive and solid economic outlook due to the policies undertaken by this government.

The President said this situation could further strengthen during the next few months, and those predicting an economic collapse or this government collapsing could be left to keep on dreaming. President Sirisena made these remarks when he met electronic and print media heads at the President's House in Fort last morning.

He urged the media heads to direct their charges to serve the masses through their outlets instead of attempting to protect the government.

The President said, one of the priorities of the government was to revitalize the country's agricultural sector, and they will not renege on its promises during its term of governance.

He added that the government has also taken measures to uplift the country's health sector, while developing many other sectors at the same time.

He said land issues related to the SLTB and the Sri Lanka Railways Department have been ordered to be sorted out by one institution coming under the purview of the Finance Ministry.

He stated that revenue at the BIA had also increased by about 150 per cent because of the government's pragmatism.

The President added that around 60 per cent of resettlement in the North has been completed and the rest will also be completed soon. He also said that relevant officials have been directed to prepare the Audit Act and submit it to Parliament quickly.



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