Unlicensed Mobike Cop arrested

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By 2017-04-21

By D. Ranaweera

A police constable believed to be attached to Police Headquarters in Colombo was arrested yesterday by Cinnamon Gardens Police for having been secretly seeking information related to Mr.Tiran Alles, Chairman of Ceylon Newspapers, publishers of Ceylon Today and Mawbima,

by travelling on a motorcycle sans a number...... plate for three days around Horton Place Colombo.

According to the Police, the suspect is alleged to have hovered around the immediate vicinity of a commercial organization frequented by Mr.Alles, especially on 6 and 12 April, on a motorcycle sans a number plate, making inquiries about the whereabouts of the newspaper magnate.

As the suspect had refused to disclose his name the security personnel at this place had their suspicions aroused and lodged complaints with the Cinnamon Gardens Police on both days.

The suspect had visited the place yesterday as well to make the same nature of inquiries.

However, after managing to get hold of two Police officers on area duty, security personnel at Ceylon Newspapers Ltd had been able to detain the suspect and informed 119 after which Cinnamon Gardens Police had arrived and taken the suspect into custody.

Initial inquiries conducted by the Police have confirmed the suspect is a Police Constable attached to the Police Headquarters.

Meanwhile, it is learnt that the Cinnamon Gardens Police had asked for the documents relating to ownership of the Yamaha motorcycle he had been using on these clandestine trips by him, inquiring suspiciously into matters pertaining to Mr. Alles.

Police said the suspect had been released and asked him to furnish the documents of the motorcycle. Cinnamon Gardens OIC Maheka Silva said he could not comment on the incident until investigations are concluded.




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