Legislation ignores pvt sector corruption

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By 2017-04-21

By Nishel Fernandoo

A senior government official pointed out that the private sector had been excluded from all anti-corruption and bribery legislation and therefore, corruption is rampant in the private sector.

Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption Director General, Sarath Jayamanna said, "Our law is silent with regard to the private sector". He made these remarks at an event organized by the Council for Business with Britain of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.

He stated that there is a misconception that corruption in the private sector would not adversely affect the general public. "The private sector would add the cost of bribery to the cost of the product and eventually the customer would suffer," he said.

He suggested that in order to expand the scope of anti-corruption and bribery law into the private sector, it requires a public discourse which would lead to an outcry to amend the current legislation.

Jayamanna pointed out that as a ratified member of United Nations (UN) Convention Against Corruption in 2004, Sri Lanka is obliged to include the private sector in anti-corruption and bribery legislation. The article 12 of the convention focuses upon and deals with corruption in the private sector and the obligation of each country to deal with corruption in the private sector.

It was noted that despite continuous calls from the UN to include the private sector in anti-corruption legislation, Sri Lanka has failed to do so.



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